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Working as a full-time vendor at Google's location (and seeking better opportunities). Rec me Android apps you think should be promoted in the store! Currently focusing on gaming (Fire Emblem and Tales), Pokemon merch collections, translation commissions, and fandom projects during my free time!
You might also know me from Digimon, Inazuma Eleven, Danball Senki, seiyuu, BL fandoms, fansubbing... they are all a part of my identity yes.
This is a fandom journal.
I barely post lately (updates mostly for friends-only), but you can find me active daily on Twitter and Discord.
I enjoy organizing my entries with tags.
I have a gaming blog, Majinken!, and another blog for my BL-genre ramblings.

I always forget this, so for my reference:
I'm borderline ISTJ and ISFJ.

Goes something like this:
Introverted (I) 71% Extraverted (E) 29%
Sensing (S) 68% Intuitive (N) 32%
Feeling (F) 50% Thinking (T) 50%
Judging (J) 82% Perceiving (P) 18%

Friending is much welcomed! It helps to let me know through comments if you want to be friended back, although I have my choice, obviously. Don't be afraid though; I like making new friends! As long as you're not homophobic and don't mind me ranting about incompetent people, we might have potential. Yeah. 日本語でもいいんですよ!

3DS Friend Code: 0559-6915-7512 - Pokemon Y Safari has Ivysaur & Pansage
1177-6765-6491 - Pokemon Omega Ruby (2nd 3DS)
Let me know yours to be added back!

I started on the Internet with Beanie Babies, thus the name. Splash is the name of one of an orca (orcas are dolphins, not whales!), my first Beanie Baby. I don't collect Beanie Babies anymore, but I still have my old collection. Would anyone like to buy it? D:

Layout/Mood Theme
S2 Flexible Squares - Lina - My cat has a sexy back.
Digimon Savers Tomato Mood Theme v1.1 - Available here

Entry header notes
[talk] - Usually fangirling about stuff or pimping things. Images and thoughts shared. Feedback good~
[download] - Usually just downloads. Scans, anime, music, internet junk (icons, colorbars), the works. Downloads shared, of course. Feedback good~
[meme] - Memes/バトン
[rant] - Just for the sake of ranting.
[help] - Posts where I ask for your help... hehehe... Feedback as important as indicated ;__;
[random][crack] - To spice things up once in a while.

Japanese-to-English translation commissions

PMS Network

Commissions - OPEN
Digimon Savers Thought pages
●Tomato web-doujinshi "An Act of Circumstance" - Act I - Act II - Act III - available for purchase

General/misc/other/guilty pleasures
●Lasting friendships + my cat Lina
●OTPs that need more material: Fire Emblem 7 - Matthew x Guy, MAJOR - Toshi x Goro (x Toshi), Tohma x Masaru x Tohma (ToMaTo), Inazuma Eleven - Fudou/Kidou, Someoka/Fubuki, Danball Senki - Jin/Yuuya, Shingeki no Kyojin - Eren/Levi (okay, there's a lot on pixiv but not enough of the stuff that isn't a genderbend/parody cop-out)
●Food: Salmon sashimi (sakedon!), orange juice
●Anime/Seiyuu: MyAnimeList.net
●Gaming: Gamefaqs
●Random magazine/merchandise scans, media sharing

Colorbars (these are really old)

Digimon Adventure and Zero-Two blogcrew =>Hawkmon

Read the work


♥♥ Is my seiyuu ♥♥


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