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Inazuma Eleven Sales

UNDER CONSTRUCTION but feel free to poke me about it~

Sales rules generally take the same format as My Pokemon Sales

Some additional notes:
1. IF a shipping tube is required to ship your order, there will be additional $1.50+pp per tube. Shipping tubes are EXPENSIVE x_x If I can ship using cheaper methods, I'll default to cheaper, but feel free to request for the tube. For magazine pulls and other smaller items that can be folded to fit into stamped envelopes, feel free to request this shipping method!
2. If an item shown does not have a price listed or is shown as sold, it is very likely NOT FOR SALE.
3. Items are priced by my personal attachment to them so I am not willing to haggle or provide discounts. DO NOT ASK for discounts.
4. Feel free to poke me on Discord, Twitter, or email about these listings if you don't have/prefer LJ

Calendar pages:
(16" width, requires 18" tube. I won't be folding these)

Inazuma Eleven GO 2012 Calendar

main cover $6
other pages $5 each

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy 2014 Calendar

main cover $6
(more to come~)

Charapos posters:
(7" width. CAN be folded but wouldn't recommend as they come without folds. I will generally try to ship these rolled up for cheaper than buying tubes, but still secure!)

Endou $4
Kabeyama $3

Aoyama/Ichino $4
Shindou $4

Kariya $6
Kirino $6

Shindou $4
Kageyama Hikaru $4

Nishiki $3

Fei/Wondeba $7

Tenma/Endou $6
Fubuki/Gouenji $8

Someoka/Fudou/Hiroto/Kidou (not splitting) $15

Kazemaru/Sakuma $6
Tsunami/Kabeyama $6

Tsurugi/Taiyou/Hakuryuu $8
Kinako/Shinsuke $5

Hakuryuu $6
Shuu $6

Endou $4
Ishido Shuuji $6

Fubuki $20
Kazemaru $5

Fran/Asta/San $8

Endou $4
Gouenji $4

Someoka $7
Kazemaru/Fubuki $20

Burn/Gazel (not splitting) $20

Burn/Gazel/Aphrodi $10
Midorikawa/Hiroto $9

Raimon team (not splitting) $10

Domon/Ichinose $15
Mark/Dylan NFS

Gouenji/Fubuki $15
Kidou/Endou $10

Endou/Gouenji $6
Fubuki/Endou $10

Hiroto/Endou $8
Burn/Gazel $9

Someoka/Handa/Endou $9
Endou/Tachimukai $9

Rococo/Endou $5
Endou/Fidio $5

Tobitaka/Toramaru $8
Aphrodi/Endou $7

Kazemaru/Endou $6
Sakuma $7

Midorikawa $6
Hiroto $6

Genda/Shimozuru Arata/Saginuma $8

Endou $4
Gouenji $4

Mistrene $5
Kanon $5

Baddap $9
Eska $6

Teres/Edgar (not splitting) $10

Roniejo $3
Rococo $4

Tobitaka/Toramaru $6
Hiroto/Fidio $8

Demonio $6
Fidio $5

Gouenji/Goushu $4
Endou/Rococo $4

Kazemaru/Windy $4
Fubuki/Ryuu $9

Tenma $7
Tsurugi $8

Raimon GO team set of 6 (not splitting) $25

Kirino/Kariya $8
Shindou/Yukimura/Nishiki $5

Eito $4
Tengawara $4

Mannouzaka $4
Kaiou $5

Black Knights $3
Genei $3

Teikoku $3
Hakuren $5

Kidokawa Seishuu $6
Dragonlink $3

Arakumo $8
Seidouzan $3

Gassan Kunimitsu $8
Sengoku Igajima $3

Toramaru $6
Tobitaka $6

Bjorn $3
Dolphin $3

Sein $3
Desuta $3

Portfolio holders for Charapos
(Note: I will not be selling these unless someone is buying chara pos and understands that shipping rates on these are ASTRONOMICAL) $20 each for each dozen chara pos bought

Placeholder stock images here until I figure out if I actually have these lol:

Magazine pulls:
(~10" width. CAN be folded and recommended for single poster purchases)

Currently listed here (search Inazuma)
and here

Raimon Jr. High Graduation Album $15

Potekoro mascots
$8 each: Nosaka, Haizaki
$6 each: Asuto, Gouenji

Inazuma Eleven Fanbook 2 (brand new with TCG/DVD insert) $10
without TCG insert $5


Shuu/Hakuren (has been opened, box is a bit smooshed) $6
Tenma (new) $5
Kazemaru/Fubuki (new) $6
Endou (new) $5
Jin (Yes this is Danball Senki W) $6

Inazuma Eleven GO Stone paper book cover collection
Book cover size: W420mm x H257mm (10" width, requires shipping tubes as these are too precious to fold)

(Prices pending for when I can physically find these in my house lol)

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