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Fire Emblem Cipher TCG list

Is there no proper checklist site for Fire Emblem Cipher TCG like Leek Duck's Shiny checklist??

Converting to spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/181s9U9jQOoDHN1MBbDZrdG5gXvYXedww9UiVsbUvyZA/edit#gid=3874353

Reference: https://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Booster_Series
Only going to mention R rarity and above for the most part, assume if I have a decent amount of R and above that I bought a booster box or two and have a bunch of N/HN from the set too.


Booster Series 19:

Booster Series 18: Oratorio of Embarkation
(3 boxes, 1 on the way)

B18-001SR Byleth (Male): He Who Bears the Flames Within
B18-018SR Dimitri: King of Vengeance and Delusion
B18-030SR Ingrid: Aspiring Ideal Knight x2 *
B18-032SR+ Claude (Fódlan): The Master Tactician
B18-039SR Lysithea: Little Wunderkind x2 *
B18-051SR Grima: Ruler of Despair
B18-060SR Cordelia: Prodigal Knight on Swooping Black Wings
B18-089SR Marisa: Maiden Dubbed the Crimson Flash x2 *
B18-101HR Lucina: To Change Fate
B18-102HR Eirika: Storm of Pure Kindness

B18-008R Ferdinand: With Pride in His Great Noble Family
B18-012R Bernadetta: Expert at Seclusion x3*
B18-023R Felix: Blade Aiming High
B18-027R Mercedes: Gentle-Auraed Holy Smile
B18-035R Raphael: Cultivated Muscle *
B18-043R Hilda (Fódlan): Little Miss Pampersome
B18-048R Jeralt: Dubbed the Blade Breaker
B18-058R Gaius: A Reward for Shady Work
B18-064R Nowi: Millennia-Enduring Child *
B18-072R Kiria Kurono: Absolutely Cute!! *
B18-081R Tana: Skyfaring Wyvern Princess
B18-095R Innes: Strategic Bow Knight

Booster Series 13: Flame, Steel, Thought and Grief

Reprint - Chrom: Shepherds-Commanding Prince

B13-012SR Serra: Going My Way!
B13-016SR Nils: Wind-Riding Ballad (Bard)
B13-022SR Canas: Benighted Smile
B13-075SR Darkness-Dispelling Light, Linde

B13-014R Matthew: Elegy for a Shadow
B13-027R Ninian: A Fateful Encounter
B13-029R Pent: The Living Legend’s Disciple
B13-031R Louise: Bow of Boundless Love
B13-033R Karel: Feared as a Sword Demon
B13-041R Karla: Hailed as the Sword Princess
B13-043R Lloyd: Grieving Sword Wolf
B13-064R Guardian God of Altea, Draug
B13-070R Angel of Noble Love, Lena
B13-095R Earth-Scorching Searing Steel, Laevatein

Booster Series 10: Crossroads
Reprint: Flora: Skillfully Attentive Maid

B06-036SR Tina: Mischievous Saint
B10-042SR Misha: Sky-Rending Blizzard
B10-087SR Alfonse: Prince with Golden Wings

B10-002R Leif: Leader of Leonster's Army
B10-027R Asvel: Wind Disciple
B10-033R Mareeta: Celestial Swordswoman
B10-059R Shigure: End of the Ideal Path
B10-061R Azura: Ephemeral Songstress
B10-082R Velouria: White-Robed Wolf Girl
B10-090R Sharena: Golden Smile
B10-095R Bruno: Dark-Garbed Mage Knight
B10-096N+X Bruno: Mysterious Masked Knight

Booster Series 7: Conquering Honor

B09-054R+X Roy: The Flame of Prophecy
B07-039SR Nino: Pious Mage
B07-056SR Takumi: Prince of Brilliant Winds
B07-066SR Oboro: Stunning Spear Maiden

B07-017R Serra: Headstrong Young Bishop
B07-022R Lucius: The Light
B07-024R Rebecca: Modest Flower
B06-032R Raven: Blade of Love and Revenge
B07-064R Setsuna: Careless Kinshi Knight
B07-068R Hana: The Unyielding Girl
B07-076R Silas: Reunited Best Friend

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