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10 September 2019 @ 12:00 pm
My tweets  
  • Mon, 12:28: RT @SonicfiendSmash: So as JaDX in Ciphercord discovered watching Treta 2019, if PT switches in a team with Joker after being damaged, it w…
  • Mon, 12:36: RT @CutTimeComic: my HS art teachers: people won't hire you when all you draw is anime me: https://t.co/f5qn1PnDqW
  • Mon, 12:42: The really bad part about all the new people in the office is discovering a whole new set of people's terrible office bathroom habits, sigh
  • Mon, 14:18: RT @m0bical: Pokemon with : ) faces. Retweet if you agree https://t.co/AFvlaKbWq1
  • Mon, 14:19: Erf today's one of those days I need to dump a larger amount than usual of the essential oil to get that cancerous smell away from me
  • Mon, 19:13: RT @Rokashi: WHO DID THIS https://t.co/PffhtOTEuy
  • Mon, 19:20: RELEASE - Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin 46 v1 https://t.co/o028BdpS4c
  • Tue, 10:01: RT @talesof_therays: 【お知らせ】 こんばんは。運営です。 近日配信イベントで登場するヒスイの季節魔鏡と衣装を紹介です。 芸術の秋、ペンキを装填したボウガンでキャンバスにシュートすればどこかで見たことある似顔絵の完成します。 衣装は原作DLCの学園衣装です。…