Splash (splash) wrote,

cat dream

I had a dream last night that we were feeding three stray smol grey cats and a couple dogs through a couple pet doors, and our cats would watch...

Actually it started when Huntr and I were lounging around on a couch, and our two cats Peaches and Squishy were hanging out with us. Suddenly we noticed there was an extra grey cat... The cat freaked out when we tried to catch it and hid behind a pet door. We lifted the pet door and found a line of the smol critters huddled up and being scared of us. SO CUTE.

So yeah, we decided to feed them through the door. The house wasn't the one we're actually in now, since yeah we don't have a pet door, nevertheless two of them. For some reason, we had a tonnn of small cans of already-open cat food, so we fed them that.
That's pretty much all there was to the dream, it was pretty short as it was during a one-hr session before work >>;
Tags: dreams
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