Splash (splash) wrote,

FEH updates

Uhhh what's this about LJ filtering all image uploads for icons and compressing them to look ugly af? I'm sure there's a thread of people complaining about this somewhere (or is there, are we that dead)... but ugh thanks for killing LJ even more, LJ.

2-year anniversary is coming up for Fire Emblem Heroes and lollllll naturally a lot has changed since then meta-wise. It's good to see my old posts and see how far I've come since then. Also cringey to see my old thoughts on it and such and such, like how I didn't want to get into it before its launch. I love Fire Emblem too much to forsake the mobage at this point sigh T____T;

A lot of activity in general has shifted to Discord so I invite y'all to come chill with the RyRo folk and talk anime, games, and mobages whatnot.~~ Also considering if I should keep blogging FEH in some form or another... Probably off of LJ. I could always make another subdomain Wordpress on pmsinfirm for it, hah. I dunno >__>; I just want more people talking Fire Emblem to me, LOL.
Tags: gaming, series - fire emblem
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