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16 July 2018 @ 10:36 pm
Pressure Cooking  
This is enough to earn itself its own entry, so with this deal

I got a $100 6qt Instant Pot,
36 ct cotton underwear (I swear I was going for microfiber but then didn't have the time to read more carefully and ended up with cotton, sigh)
3 Pokemon TCG boxsets at ~$30 MSRP each
and a wood shelving thing that fits around toilets (small spaces furniture), normally ~$60 XD;

All for less than the price of the Instant Pot (tax included). \o/

-Oxtail soup (have not made this in sooo long aggghhh)

Bring me on with the deals yo~~~ Hit me up on Discord (RyRo): https://discord.gg/sbc2NH9