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  • Thu, 14:02: RT @keanerie: thought: Kojima started a studio just so he could make merchandise and various consumer goods. Death Stranding is just conten…
  • Thu, 23:43: RT @24914x: if i told my 2k14 self that nintendo would officially publish a half naked rendering of robin in hd i would've thought that'd b…
  • Fri, 08:32: anniversary Sara gMA asdkjfghsdkjhjkdsghdvv pink everywhere alksdhfkdjsfkdfs more crying gMAs asdkfhkjdshfjkdfkjjhf… https://t.co/4BdArwCJIo
  • Fri, 11:07: RT @Slasher: Some Twitch employees were fired by new Twitch VP of Content Michael Aragon who wasn't even in the office and did this via a r…
  • Fri, 11:18: RT @talesof_therays: 【お知らせ】 こんばんは。運営です。 明日参戦のカナの魔鏡とサラの季節魔鏡を紹介です。 季節衣装のパーティードレスに相応しい魔鏡技に仕上がってます。 また今回のイベントは感謝を込めて、ゼロス、ミトス、コラボキャラを除いた 全参戦キャラク…
  • Fri, 11:20: March 3, 2014
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