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  • Wed, 12:17: wow they actually serve a dish with MSG on this campus lolol............. tempted to try it to see if they managed… https://t.co/VPam2zBcgV
  • Wed, 15:05: about 5% urge to rewatch FMP and fumoffu for the upcoming series, but I remember first watching it in high school &… https://t.co/LtdT70NAgo
  • Wed, 15:51: ye kids who don't like wing's voice for whatever reason--at least he's happily married and you probably aren't ye kids huehue 8|
  • Wed, 17:03: RT @Crunchyroll: We’ve just announced a TON of new simulcasts for our Spring Simulcast Season!! Check out the list here ~ ✨ 🌸 Read: https:…
  • Wed, 17:05: No inazuma on CR's list because of course they need to do the generic Mecha anime named after coffee dessert instead
  • Wed, 17:05: RT @NinEverything: Fire Emblem Warriors update (version 1.5.0) and Fire Emblem Awakening DLC out now https://t.co/STFhlaSMHq https://t.co/d
  • Wed, 17:09: RT @MohapatraHemant: Good advice if you're visiting the @usa . https://t.co/xe1bI2VjFj
  • Wed, 19:22: RT @estherschindler: In 1999, I asked David Gerrold to write a "future of computing" prediction for the magazine where I was Technology Edi…
  • Wed, 19:51: RT @tonneehot: 終点なのに 寝てるかたがいらっしゃったので 起こしてあげようと、、 声をかけたら、、 なんと、、 イナズマイレブンの 豪炎寺の声優ノジ兄だったw おんなじ時間の おんなじ電車の おんなじ車両で 奇跡的なイナズマイレブンつながリーヨ!! 写真…
  • Wed, 19:51: Noji-niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
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