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Dream log

Imagine remembering that at some point I accidentally deleted all my tags alphabetically before "food" so now my dreams tag is gone too... SIGH

But whatever for now. Maybe some day I'll manually dig them back out from my thousands of entries =w=; For now, before I forget:

A weird on this time. A dream within a dream, apparently. I dreamt that I was dreaming... In the dream within a dream, hubby Huntr was a musician. He was about to have a huge debut concert of sorts, where he would be the solo violinist to start off the 2nd half of the concert. I was in the balcony with some other VIPs overseeing the stage. Come time for his performance to start, he comes out looking handsome of course~ He was about to start, raising his bow to his violin cradled on his shoulder--but then he stopped. Something was wrong with his bow, but I couldn't clearly see what was going on. He hurriedly left the stage, leaving the audience murmuring in confusion.
There were big screens to the side for us to view (like they have for game music concerts), and after a little time they did a "replay" showing what was wrong with his bow--a good half of it had hairs so loose, they weren't of any use.

Apparently he didn't have any spare bow??? Thinking on that now that's just silly. But it's a dream.

So about 10 minutes go by, during which a good amount of people got fed up with waiting and left the auditorium. That was certainly worrisome for me, especially since it's his debut concert... what a disaster!! Lots of anxiety going on for sure.

Finally, after what seemed like a forever wait... he came out... with a keyboard. No stand for the keyboard. He put the keyboard on the floor and kneeled down, with a cushion for his knees. As soon as he put the keyboard down, the bustling crowd went silent. He took a deep breath, and then started playing.

Instantly it sounded like an entire orchestra was playing. To one side of the keyboard, there were a bunch of large panels where I could see he had programmed additional backgrounds to play automatically, while he keyed out the violin part with the keyboard. He would still need to activate panels every so often to get new sounds in the mix, but anyway it looked very impressive to watch. And well... it was apparently also because he had just created most of the work on the fly, in just those few minutes that he was backstage. I cried tears of joy.

I woke up into my current dream when the performance is about to end. Huntr was there next to me, also waking up, and I told him about the dream... at that point, I don't really remember much except for the atmosphere of where we woke up, different from our actual house (it was very dreamlike, that's for sure), and I ended up waking up to actual reality by then ^^;
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