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  • Thu, 14:17: RT @FredBouchery: Client: I want you to develop this application Dev: Give me 2 weeks Client: No, I want this for tomorrow. Dev: Okay, you…
  • Thu, 15:30: the pocket chibis in ffxv don't... have expressions, I can't really do with this
  • Thu, 21:44: RT @MasaK962: 誰だ・・・誰だ・・・誰だ・・・誰だ・・・ https://t.co/ub9vNA0Shf
  • Fri, 07:45: zenmarket is soooo slow in packing things =w=
  • Fri, 09:56: suddenly my doc addons aren't working on the mac screen but they're fine on my additional monitor.. W. T. F.
  • Fri, 10:23: Prepare to pay more to get far less because capitalists reigning over net neutrality's existence… https://t.co/i9ImlK27fY
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