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New Year Resolutions

I have no consistency with posting these kinds of things lately but whatever

1. Get back into DDR regimen~ This is super important since I've been slacking it off for 6 months and I can definitely feel it making me sluggish, and stomach is slowly getting flabby again >_>; The mile-long walk to and from work has been helping keep it in check, but it's not enough. Hubby's sluggishness is not helping but I'm not to let that slow me down next year :V Part of it is that the long way home tires me out by the time I get into the house, but if our EON scooters finally come in and I start using them, it'll save me a lot of time and energy to get back into the regimen for real.

2. Buy fewer plushies (already doing, but I should buy FEWERRRRR. I end up impulse snagging up deals when I come across them ^^;; But I feel like deals are their own thing... hmmmmm *scratches chin*). Figures are more of my thing, and I've gotten back into TCG too, so... I can only work with so much at the same time XD

3. Trim off side collections, or at least get the offer pages up for them lol (Dialga and Palkia, I am looking at these guys especially. I have a pretty damn good collection of these guys but getting less and less motivated to make space to display them in the end... I'm not so sure aghhh xD)

4. Finish all collection displays!!! I mean things will be changing as items move in and out of the house anyway, but I'd like to finish establishing some sense of permanent "location" for the majority of the collection at very least, even if they move around here and there. Right now, I've been putting shelvings here and there and about 90% certain about keeping them there in the end. Even the Moncolle BILLY shelves are subject to some adjustment but at least this stuff is 99.9% set (but not even 90% complete lol) https://splash.livejournal.com/photo/album/24490/?mode=view&id=2233091&page=1

I did want to do a "draw a pokemon or pokemon evolution line every day" kind of thing but mayyyyybe I'll end up putting it off another year after all, because I'm STILL working on a lot of stuff with the new house :> But... drawing urges...!!!.... contemplating. Maybe if I don't pressure myself for "DAILY" basis, but whenever and as much as I can... argh. Sadly mobages are taking up a lot of the time I could be doing for art. HMmmmmmmmmm.
When I DO get to it... maybe more like one evolution line a week, minimum???

Things I'd ideally like to do over the break + scheduled things:
23 - Dentist, Pinole, groceries??
24 - DDR setup, BILLY upstairs to move Pan sticker shop (current shelf is not working as ideal as I'd like for it)
25 - Pinole for Xmas? RELAX
26 - DETOLF 1
27 - DETOLF 2
28 - Shop/Collection work~
29 - Shop/Collection work~
30 - Shop/Collection work~
31 - Pinole for NY
1 - RELAX --take some pics of the collection statuses? XD
Tags: series - pokemon

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