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  • Sun, 12:19: RT @marinamiries: セブンイレブンの裏の日溜まりが 猫溜まりになっていた https://t.co/sM5lCbweGc
  • Mon, 06:19: RT @smugmaeda: person in charge of love live merch: ok we need more merch ideas that would give us enough money to get crocs made of pure g…
  • Mon, 08:21: Tried to get xmas robin, ended up with 2 more Effie, Hector, and Xmas Chrom .-. Every other armor thing instead huh
  • Mon, 09:33: Monday mornings are busy here since it's a deadline date for devs but after that, I feel like this is gonna be a very dead week at work...?
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