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  • Sat, 16:32: Lol it needs more lights but it's something, a start https://t.co/K1N89CR92E
  • Sat, 17:44: RT @animalcrossing: I have a fun idea… Let's all retweet this tweet! If we can get to 100K retweets worldwide, we'll give everyone 20 Leaf…
  • Sat, 21:59: RT @__Emichan___: 世の中のしがらみ全部忘れてずっと見ていられる https://t.co/QK3rxBRs9r
  • Sat, 22:00: RT @AlsBoy: I hope you enjoy "cat startled by another cat in a bag" as much as I did https://t.co/jm8DFKce3c
  • Sat, 22:04: RT @aoba_Raira_ryuk: お客様!!困ります!!股の上で寝られては!!あーっ!!!お客様!!困ります!!あーっ!!!可愛いけど!!!あーっ!!!!困ります!お客様!!困ります!!戻ってこられてもあーっ!!!あーっおお客様!!困ります!!お客様!!! https:…
  • Sun, 09:05: Had a nightmare where an old friend gave me a "gift" by having my favorite ragged Charizard plush "restored" but ac… https://t.co/xspdP9dPxy
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