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  • Fri, 12:08: RT @paypal_jp: 【最大10,000円割引】「スーパーマリオ オデッセイ」発売を記念してNintendo Switch™で使えるペイパル決済割引クーポン配布中🎯 クーポン取得方法 ①アカウントをフォロー💨 ②10/31までにこのツイートをRT ③DMをチェック📩…
  • Fri, 13:40: TGIF It's been a weird and mildly stressful week, 2 out of 8+ Entei and they're both weak =_= At least Entei doesn't matter in the meta
  • Fri, 14:13: Finally was able to add “Products per page” and some additional sorting options to the Pan sticker shop ~ https://t.co/N3ITwjYIV1
  • Fri, 14:26: desk move means I should change up my decorations I guess...maybe
  • Fri, 15:24: Kudos to work pogo group for the 98% 1500CP+ Houndoom ^q^ finally something to use my 135 golden razzes on
  • Fri, 15:27: Current perfects--Niantic needs to fix their lame limit on leveling Pokemon beyond lvl 38 though https://t.co/ylDO5iwXsU
  • Sat, 00:19: Got the male to complete after getting a second female w https://t.co/X4g6NNCXNt
  • Sat, 10:29: RT @williamlegate: Every Trump interview should only be released in transcript form so that everyone can see how dumb he truly is… https://…
  • Sat, 10:48: Buruburu marill https://t.co/dDNghvGPQ3
  • Sat, 10:51: Halloween putitto! Mimikyu/sableye/banette have a terrible time trying to stay on, but finally gourgeist, drifloon… https://t.co/HO5agPnrgM
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