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Tsuki ga kirei

I'm still so saddened LJ ate my anime impressions tag =_=;; Now I can't look back on the old ones.

But hey I got something to say about an anime for once, gotta write this down.

Tsuki ga Kirei

"2 hrs each way" that's not a long distance relationship
that's my fucking work commute
ォ MPC-HC v1.7.6.0 ・[HorribleSubs] Tsuki ga Kirei - 12 [480p] ・00:11:24/00:24:19 ・150 MB サ
It's long distance if you don't hate yourself.

Typical guy who DOESN'T UNDERSTAND WHY A GIRL IS CRYING. Here I'm going "HOLD HER, DAMMIT. HOLD HER" and he's just standing there saying "why?" AGHHHH (屮ಠДಠ)屮

Akane is waifu up until this point, but I don't really get why she runs after that breakout (I personally would've just kept crying until he was willing to make some progress), cuz running was literally doing nothing beneficial. I get the mentality some might say "she didn't want him to see her sobbing like an ugly whale" but to me that doesn't work because he should know that's what she's doing anyway, it's still terrible that it's happening. but okay whatever, maybe it was fight or flight instinct. And he made it up to her kind of with that total insertfic, somehow.


Until they threw that post-fetus in the end BUT WAS STILL A FUN RIDE everything before then. yeah
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