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  • Fri, 15:08: RT @SSBWorld: Umebura Japan Major 2017 Preview: The Largest International SSB4 Tournament Ever https://t.co/UPDinLqBjg with a end credit to…
  • Fri, 15:11: "Anyone who goes without insurance for more than two months would face a 30% premium surcharge when they try to buy a new plan" so much fail
  • Fri, 15:33: this whole health care ordeal just proving more how much of a fucking stupid scam insurance is as a concept, SINGLE PAYER PLEASE
  • Fri, 16:27: 포켓몬 월드페스티벌 2017 in 송도 피카츄 댄스 https://t.co/Bcx9JXKVRj deflating pika full
  • Fri, 18:31: RT @Mkleosb: Ready for Umebura Japan Major with @SSBYura , hype 👀👊🤗 im glad to see everyone 🤗 https://t.co/VHYAiIhDys
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