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  • Thu, 13:02: aghhhhh such a good house listing went up why couldn't it be in another week or two ahhhh maybe it'll stick around long enough orz
  • Thu, 13:03: aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Thu, 14:06: Ugh I've told mom that packages have to go through the work system before it reaches me but here she's still asking if I have it already
  • Thu, 16:44: Uhh I thought she was going to send a bunch of labels and letter stuff but they're latex gloves galore lol wat https://t.co/dk9O4n3Tu3
  • Thu, 17:00: I wish I could teach mom the efficient way to ship this because a medium flat rate was wayyyy overkill sigh
  • Thu, 17:02: She could have shipped it for less than half in a padded flat rate and just not send half the latex gloves I rarely use anyway
  • Thu, 19:30: Pouring rain is suffering to walk through but regardless it will bring me happiness because that's the cycle of life we fucking need
  • Thu, 19:35: It's not going to be tip top blindly brightly sunny every day & thank fucking god it isn't
  • Thu, 19:37: 50 tomahawk trash shit
  • Fri, 07:14: I'm pretty sure that's a bug but repede looks so much more majestic sitting sideways on the victory screen ww… https://t.co/6aLZJaNXRB
  • Fri, 08:41: RT @Arbys: Gyro shrines? Hardest shrines. https://t.co/gylqzrq6E0
  • Fri, 08:54: RT @alienated: PSA for librarians: occasionally check how the World Book encyclopedia is arranged on your shelves https://t.co/UznSIN9qcp
  • Fri, 10:59: uhaha big honchos getting involved in this case of just the most popular game in app history and quoting things I said
  • Fri, 11:00: smash players discussing soggy cereal and here I'm just chewing down my yummy granola
  • Fri, 11:01: I do miss them crunchy marshmallows but the sugar would get me too guilty now T_T
  • Fri, 11:03: My sister linked me a phenakistoscopes thing she said I might like https://t.co/kW39d1Ndu3
  • Fri, 11:05: Triangle Adept M Robin really does take zero damage from archers including Takumi, it's freaking amazing
  • Fri, 11:33: volunteering for a certain event coming mid-May if-you-know-what-I-mean
  • Fri, 11:50: she must've been rubbing herself all over her cigarette cuz when she came back this time I'm almost gagging, she's normally better than this
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