Splash (splash) wrote,

Random reminders to self

Random public reminder that I need to bug mom about the wedding photos. I guess once I've received her helpings for the thank you cards... Also need to ask her what to do with the Taiwan addresses because I'm not sure if I can just write out these addresses in Chinese?? Don't they need to be in English?? Or is it enough to just put "TAIWAN" on the bottom of all the Chinese?

Cherry Blossom Festival and then back to long awaited house hunting the weekend after asdjfkjshdfkjhdf I can manage where I am right now for a while longer (as long as roommate doesn't burn the house down somehow, and roommate's literal bitch doesn't start humping me like she does to the poor male cat in the house), but I've been literally thinking about the things I'd like to do at a place to truly call home ever since I departed dear Michigan "for real" in 2011.

dunno what the craze is for mimikkyu for beach time kuji but without it & a couple blehPikas the rest of the set was >$100
(actually, the mimikkyu mascot is still in there, just not in the pic apparently... lol)

Tags: 結婚
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