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  • Fri, 09:11: Also random reminder that Yonaga Tsubasa and Nishigaki Yuka are married and I'm so happy for them
  • Fri, 09:16: RT @AutobotTesla: Two more Gallery Figures of Rokon | Vulpix using Fire Spin and Purin | Jigglypuff using Sing. https://t.co/a1q3e0MtL4
  • Fri, 09:17: that vulpix gonna be popular, jigglypuff looks derpin' XD
  • Fri, 09:17: I'm still skipping out on the gallery figures unless they've got them of my top collections so
  • Fri, 09:47: RT @AutobotTesla: One more Gallery Figure, Caracara | Cubone using Bone Club https://t.co/G6bajfAzcs
  • Fri, 09:47: RT @inazuma_project: 「イナズマイレブンとのバレンタイン2017」の投票結果を公開中!上位3名からはホワイトデースペシャルボイス&イラストも届いています!1位は風丸!たくさんのご投稿ありがとうございました!投票結果・ボイス再生・壁紙ダウンロードはコチラ ht…
  • Fri, 09:49: @jpwong_ @suikun245 @gmhuntr7 geez the free milla is absolute trash ._.; https://t.co/1bTlpMbcUf but got zaveid from 2nd step~
  • Fri, 09:52: I went from not having a good slash/spell lead for my first 3/4 of the year to having 2 of the best ones hmmmm
  • Fri, 10:07: RT @kogerooo: 参加する日本勢はこちら(Japan Power Ranking付き) https://t.co/Me3rTAYMqB
  • Fri, 10:29: RT @inazuma_project: 【放送まであと1時間!】本日3/24(金)20:00~「イナズマウォーカーVol.4」配信!「アレスの天秤」超新作映像の公開記念に声優の村瀬歩さんがゲストで登場!さらにスペシャルな新情報も大量発表!?そしてこの栗は!?ぜひお楽しみに!h…
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