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  • Thu, 12:30: tl;dr 60 medals (20 chaos runs, 700 stamina) for all the 5* things https://t.co/iIRowRHMuc they really need to start doing the tl;dr
  • Thu, 12:32: anyway this is why I did most of my Clash ToZ-X when ares was around--barely need to touch Alisha & she's more unnecessary thrust anyway
  • Thu, 12:35: I almost like how minion loses her cool when the office neighbors on other side of room start a loud social & she doesn't get any work done
  • Thu, 14:39: RT @MerriamWebster: Proofread. https://t.co/cf3Qxfhi4S
  • Thu, 15:06: Happy birthday @ALLISTER_SINGH , thanks for keeping it alive in the pokken community :D
  • Thu, 15:36: Need to decide how many days to take off for the wedding, set on Friday and Monday but do I do one more day? Thurs? Tues????
  • Thu, 15:37: Also kind of depends if anyone's coming early/staying late and if they want to hang out and what what? I dunno Time is flying
  • Thu, 21:18: RT @isyuri_isyu: ユーリとゼロスの体勢きつそうだなぁって思います https://t.co/bUKEFrbeJM
  • Thu, 21:19: I actually was not aware Leon is so short *KYUNDOKI*
  • Fri, 08:53: RT @videogamedeals: Follow & RT For a Chance to Win a Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con. Ends March 4th at 9PM ET. USA Only. https://t.co/4
  • Fri, 09:32: ahaha, I see a bunch of other people on the team taking entire weeks off & I'm trying just 3 days off for the wedding
  • Fri, 09:32: RT @genkiboyss: Mr. Steal your little sis (eirika pls come home) 😭😭 #FEHeroes #FireEmblemHeroes https://t.co/7Chr3u3jU9
  • Fri, 10:29: well, I got 3 Wigglytuffs and 3 Sylveons on Pokemon Duel, so I could make that super obnoxious fairy team if I wanted to
  • Fri, 10:34: Also I magically got a 4th Latias at some point, don't even know when but okay *limit breaks*
  • Fri, 10:37: slow menus on ToL just keep getting worse
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