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  • Fri, 21:07: 3 boxes in and two of the secret female pika waiii~~~ other boxes will have to wait for after weekend though https://t.co/79OvkaNF5m
  • Fri, 22:54: RT @takaoyuki_: こちらの正解は〜これでした!◉ 先日、ポケサーのみゃこちゃん、悠木碧ちゃん、小岩井ことりちゃん、椿姫彩菜姉さんと、ポケモンお菓子作りをしましたよ。私が作ったのは、キノガッサ、ロコン、おしゃまりちゃん、アマカジ!。ふふふー (食紅をお弁当以外で使…
  • Sat, 00:53: RT @m_cha_03: お母さんのポケモンGOバグってゲンガーの中にハネッコ入ってたらしい https://t.co/baxyehqTDj
  • Sat, 01:34: ...yeahhhh guys like this one are a main reason I'm not into pokedolls lulz https://t.co/zhMIRSK0LE
  • Sat, 01:35: secret base totodile though mmm just right
  • Sat, 11:10: I hate on twitter web browsing if you accidentally click to another page & try to go back you completely lose your spot browsing the feed...
  • Sat, 11:22: RT @dakikubi: bought my cats a new toy https://t.co/2o5vK08vxf
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