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Fire Emblem Heroes v2

FE Stuff! https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/5s5nh1/new_to_the_series_where_should_i_start_the/

LOL of course they updated the tier list the next day. And literally all the characters I thought should've been higher tier have been put in their higher tiers now, and the only one I don't have (yet) within those buffed ones is Elize ;) I do know what I'm doing~ (I forgot to mention Olivia the dancer should've been higher too because DANCER)

Collection as of today after 25 (5x5) rolls:

Red-Pink: Have in 4* form or higher and training for keeps
Green: Keeping and training but wish I had them in higher star forms (currently 3* or lower). But they're something to work on in the long term.
Blue: They're just there for the collection, either given by the game already or not in higher stars worth using.

Stuff that went up: Olivia, Robin (or more like most of the SS tiers were brought down to be even with him, which is what I had in mind), Elize (would be sweet to get her considering she's base 5*)
and technically Cordelia and Takumi, rising above the rest... lol. Honestly I think Cordelia is on same level as Lyn, as they're both squishy even with their amazing offensive skills. Not sure how how the Pass (surinuke) passive will turn out in this mobile meta considering such limited movement anyway, but combined with her Galeforce, I can KIND of see why they would put her above Lyn for now.

I have enough for another 5 roll but considering how fortunate I am with my variety atm, I think I'll save for future gachas and the inevitable power creep x_x
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