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Fire Emblem Heroes

Tiers sourced from http://feheroes.wiki/Tier_List

Collection as of today after 25 (5x5) rolls:

Red-Pink: Have in 4* form or higher and training for keeps
Green: Keeping and training but wish I had them in higher star forms (currently 3* or lower). But they're something to work on in the long term. Exception is the unrated green axe user that I have in 4*, which I'm not sure about. 1-panel movement sucks balls though, that's for sure.
Blue: They're just there for the collection, either given by the game already or not in higher stars worth using.

So pretty much I'm really well off except for the fact that I have no dragons? But those are strictly optional units for now at least.
I'm sorry Matthew, I love that Hoshi is voicing you but tiers are a thing. IF GUY GETS IN THERE WHAT SEIYUU WILL HE HAVE?~!

Initially disagreeing with a couple things--Elize's placement should be higher since she's a healer on horseback, and Robin's tankiness against the VERY COMMON Red type should put him higher up, certainly considering they put Cordelia/Tiamo in SS rank??? ...But then I look again to see that Cordelia at 5* has the passive skill that SS Lyn has--naturally attacking twice in one turn. wahhhh I super wanted someone with that skill and just recently realized she has that at 5*. Had a lot of considerations about who to promote first in my party, but yeah now I know 100% who I'm taking to 5* first. XD
Maybe Tharja after that, guess depends on future rolls since there should be some by the time I could get Cordelia up there. Since they're updating every other week and stuffing in new characters steadily, this chart's gonna change soon enough.

Well overall I wasn't so sure about this at first, but now it's looking more optimistic than my pre-rls team which I was pretty attached to, because waifus. Husbandos now. :O

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