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Sold Pokemon listings 3

Sold/traded listings for my Permanent Pokemon Sales post: http://splash.livejournal.com/489252.html

New year, new post~

Charizard $13
Blastoise set $7
Venusaur $8
Kanto starters $15

Espeon Banpresto UFO Korotto Manmaru TTO $14
Umbreon Banpresto UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $15
Vaporeon Banpresto UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $15
Glaceon Banpresto UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $15

Pokemon Center Game Dot Charms
$5 each

Kuji Large Keychain Figures MIB
Zekrom + Reshiram (has dirt from old age in the box but should be cleanable) $30 together or $15 for Reshiram (not selling Zekrom separately)

Banpresto Real Mega Evolution Key Holder MIB
$18: Mega Charizard X, Mega Garchomp
$16: Mega Tyranitar, Mega Gardevoir, Mega Aggron

Banpresto Keychains:
$8: Genesect (Purple is pictured but I have the red one only!)
$11: Espeon (no paper tag)
$13: Leafeon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Flareon
$17: Sylveon

Reshiram Wakuwaku Get Kuji Reflector Strap MIB $11

Pikachu/Klefki Movie short special figures
8-figure set Jirachi, Manaphy, Pikachu, Victini, Dedenne, Klefki, Darkrai, Tyrunt (NOT SPLITTING) $25

Articuno Vinyl sofubi $20
Serperior Vinyl sofubi $15

Recalled Groudon TOMY (1 available, one arm is a bit loose but still fully intact) $110

Dratini TOMY USA $18

Eevee Ippai $5 each (wink, sitting, star pose)

TOMY Moncolle Box Vol 4

Kubfu, Greninja, Tyranitar, Umbreon, Gardevoir
Set of 5 (not splitting) $30

Ash and Misty TOMY figures $5 each

Kyogre Clear Fan Magazine Exclusive MIB (also includes the Tretta shown) $15

Various MIB

Samurott $6
Carracosta $6
Darumaka $7
Munna $5
Croconaw $6
Sandile $6
Zorua $6
Regigigas $6
Zoroark $6
Escavalier $6
Heatran $6

Eeveelution full figure clips
$5 each: Eevee, Flareon, Leafeon
$7 each: Jolteon, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon
$8 each: Vaporeon, Sylveon

Moncolle Box Vol 3: Sirfetch'd, Toxtricity Amped, Toxtricity Low Key, Snom, Drizzile
Set of 5 $25 (not splitting)

Eevee & Friends Atsumare! figures Full set of 10 figures (not splitting) $75

Gen 5 $6

Gen 6 $6

Gen 5 Special folder $5

Ralts/Kirlia/Gallade set $9
Caterpie/Metapod set $4
Dratini/Dragonite set $10
Clamperl/Huntail/Gorebyss set $10

Genesect Ichiban Kuji figure MIB $35

Audino, Deerling, Minccino, Munna coin pouch $3
Zorua/Zoroark coin pouch $3
Oshawott line pouch $4
Snivy line pouch $4

Moncolle Box Vol 2

$6 each: Corviknight, Raboot, Gengar, Farfetch'd Galarian, Alcremie
$25 for full set of 5 (takes priority over individual sales)

White/Black Kyurem Pokemon Center Set TTO $150


Lucario MPC MWT $15

Victini TOMY Talking Together Plush $40
Minccino TOMY Talk Together Plush $45

$11 each EXCEPT Absol Banpresto keychain $14
SOLD: Tropius, Plusle/Minun, Lucario, Blaziken

Palkia lot (not splitting) $16

Victini Clear Pen Case MIB $10

Pokemon Ranger Pichu, Entei, Suicune, Raikou Magazine exclusive Pen Case + Pen + Eraser UNUSED $25

Key and lock set Pikachu x2 and Psyduck (not splitting) $15

Trump Motif MWT $16 ea

Ducklett PC Pokedoll JP $16
Turtwig PC Pokedoll JP $29
Piplup PC Canvas $13
Yamask Banpresto Korotto Manmaru UFO $11
Cyndaquil PC Petit $20

Chimchar PC Pokedoll JP $16
Torchic PC Pokedoll JP $15
Tympole PC Pokedoll JP $13
Terrakion PC Pokedoll JP $19
Manaphy PC Pokedoll JP (velboa) $15

Squirtle PC Pokedoll JP (velboa) $15
Pikachu Shiny/Shimmering DX Pokedoll JP $25

Torchic PC Pokedoll $10
Darkrai UFO (2007) $14
Infernape UFO (2007) $15

Turtwig Korotto Manmaru Special Assort UFO $15
Torterra UFO (2007) $40

Flareon Pokedoll US Velboa MWT $25
Espurr Pokedoll JP MWT $14

Victini Canvas TTO $20
Minccino Canvas TTO $12

Minccino Pokedoll JP MWT (tag has a bend) $20

Espeon I LOVE Gothic MWT $16

Pacchin/Menko Pogs sets Blue/Red starter packs $15 each

TOMY Mew and Eevee wind-up keychain (there's a wheel you wind-up at the bottom that lets them wiggle in the diorama) $12

Eevee & Melodies Kuji plush Prize A 12" (in original bag) $50 (other Eevees NFS)

$2.50 each (green Mewtwo comes with the clear plate) EXCEPT Lapras $5, Fennekin $4
SOLD: Squirtle, Nidoking, Fennekin

Torchic stamp (still usable) $6

Pokeball Reversible Plush:

Electrode/Voltorb line (Electrode's peg is broken) $20
Pichu/Minun line $5
Snover/Abomasnow line (has base but no pegs) $19
Mewtwo $8

Terrarium Collection 4
Totodile $12

RE-MENT Floral Cup Collection

Bandai Posable Figures MIP
Ampharos $14, Pikachu $5, Raichu $10

Nukunuku Time figure set of 5 MIP (not splitting) $25

Pencil toppers $2 each
SOLD: Nidorino, 3rd Jigglypuff, Cleffa, Granbull, Jumpluff, Skiploom, Ursaring, Dragonite, all Togepi, Slowpoke, Slowking, Slowbros, Charmander, Charmeleon, Politoed, Marill, Hitmontop, Wooper

Pencil toppers
Top left beast trio (not splitting) $14
Absol, larger Entei $5 each
All others $2 each
SOLD: Articuno, all Mewtwo, Walrein

Full Color Stadium FCS figures $4 each
SOLD: Venusaur

FCS figures in original packaging $4 each
Abra (1 stock, 1 sold), Goldeen (2 stock), Drowzee, Chansey (no base), Krabby

FCS/Battle Museum (descriptions under construction):
$5: Farfetch'd, top + middle row
$4: bottom row
SOLD: Mew, Eevee, Vileplume, Koffing, Magikarp

FCS/Battle Museum:
$7: Top row - Suicune, Skarmory, Pikachu, Nidoran, Pichu,Ampharos
$5: Bottom row - Quilava, Krabby, Squirtle, Weedle, Bayleef, Kakuna, Grimer

Battle Museum:
$6: Espeon (no base), Gyarados, Sneasel, Miltank, Hoothoot
$5: Sudowoodo, Krabby, Kakuna, Aipom

Battle Museum:
$9: Charizard, Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar, Porygon, Porygon2, Nidorina, Nidorino, Typhlosion
$5: Skiploom, Jumpluff, Unown

Charmander candy dispenser MIP $12

Registeel $8
Magmortar $7
Arceus Clear version $12
Lucario $15
Mewtwo $15 each
Darkrai $10
Latios $19

Snubbull Soft Touch UFO 2000 Banpresto MWT (tag has minor bending) $18

Pikachu mofumofu dolls (MIB, these are mine for display)
Normal Pikachu $7
Dittochu waving $9
Normal Eevee $8 each
Waving Eevee $9

Ghost type light-up mascots (these are amazing even without using the lights btw) full set of 4 (not splitting) $25

Lapras Banpresto Type XY Cooler Bag MIP $20

I LOVE Eevee Dekkai Mascots MWT
Full set of 9 MWT (NOT SPLITTING) $180
Only Glaceon available, $20

Hoopa Banpresto Towel 120x60cm MIP $25

Giant Vinyl Sofubi White and Black Kyurem (scuffed up) $20 for both

Charizard 12" Minky Ichiban Kuji Prize S MWT $50

Alolan Vulpix TOMY w/ zipper Great Ball $30

Pikachu Ichiban Kuji Prize S Blanket (plush is attached by push button) $40

Nintendo Pocket Camera JP $10

Empoleon UFO (2007?) MWT $25
Buizel UFO (2007 Darkrai movie) MWT $50 (hesitate to let go)
Pachirisu UFO MWT $35SOLD

Treecko Contest Ribbon $25
Treecko Ball Keychain MWT $12

Pichu Ichiban Kuji MWT $50
Giant Pichu Sofubi Vinyl Figure $10

Plusle Banpresto Summer Festival UFO MWT $24
Glameow mascot $10

Arceus Shiny GIANT Korotto Manmaru MWT $50

Pikachu Bell Plush (Red box) $45

Sandshrew Bell Plush with box $70

Pikachu w/ Pichu Ichiban Kuji MWT $25 backside
Torchic $4
Karrablast MPC MWT (tag has a bend) $5
Pikachu Pokedoll $9
Oshawott Pokedoll TTO $20

I LOVE Marine Pink Shellos MWT $13
I LOVE Marine Marill MWT $16
I LOVE Marine Wailord TTO $20
I LOVE Marine Slowking TTO $15

Zoroark Super DX 28cm (top right) $20
Zorua Banpresto (no tag) $16
Zoroark Korotto Manmaru (bottom right) $14
Zoroark Super DX Korotto Manmaru MWT (bottom left) $25
ALL 4 for $60

Pokedolls (All JP): Cinccino $15, Emolga $32, Victini $25, Zoroark $25, Oshawott $20, Snivy $12

Mewtwo D-Arts First Edition w/ Mew (all parts intact) $80
Can ship without box for lighter shipping cost. Base has some wear from previous owner (not me), but otherwise everything else is like new!

Victini DX Soft Vinyl Sofubi, out of box $9

Pikachu Banpresto Signboard MWT $30

Lucario PC Pico Hammer $39

Lapras XY Pokemon Type! Dekkai 10" MWT - $38

Tyrunt Banpresto Super DX Plush TTO $25

Piplup Banpresto Giant 2017 MWT $18

I LOVE Eevee 2017 Banpresto Dekkai MWT $30 each
Sylveon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon

(not splitting sets)
Eevee/Flareon set $6
Raichu/2 Pikachus set $6
Charmander/Charizard set $3
Mewtwo/Mew charms + keychain figure 4-set $8
Mudkip/Pikachu set $3

Zorua Banpresto MWT $16
Meowstic Female Banpresto Korotto Manmaru MWT $18
Magmortar Banpresto Korotto Manmaru MWT $20
Samurott Banpresto TTO $12

Mudkip Korotto Manmaru UFO Banpresto $18 (no hangtag available $15)

Recalled Rayquaza TOMY $50

Pikachu I LOVE Pikachu Winter 7" w/ Charm MWT $20

Torchic UFO (loved $10), Buizel (Tag is bent $30), Oshawott PC Pokedoll (slightly loved $9)

Treecko Kawaii Banpresto MWT $25
Torchic Kawaii Banpresto TTO $18
Shaymin Banpresto Land Forme MWT $20
Shaymin Banpresto Sky Forme MWT $10
Mantyke Banpresto MWT $12
Froakie, Fennekin, Chespin Banpresto set (not splitting) $12
Lotad Banpresto MWT $30

Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Glaceon UFO Korotto Manmaru (all tags cut off) $50 (prefer not to split)

Leafeon Lying beanie TOMY MWT $30

Sandile Banpresto MWT $14
Turtwig Korotto Manmaru MWT $16
Purrloin Banpresto MWT $14 (TTO $10)
Eevee Wakuwaku Get Kuji keychain $8

Plusle Large Fuzzy TOMY $29

Slowking Fuzzy TOMY $20 (felt piece eyes on shellder missing)
Lapras Fuzzy TOMY $20
Psyduck Fuzzy TOMY $15
Togepi Fuzzy TOMY $13
Bulbasaur Fuzzy TOMY $20
Oddish Fuzzy TOMY $20
Chansey Fuzzy TOMY $15
Eevee Fuzzy TOMY $30

Pichu Tufty Fuzzy TOMY $45

Genesect Korotto Manmaru MWT $12
(Keldeo Super DX for reference)

Torchic PC Petite minky $8

(The 2 Veemons, DemiVeemon and Armadillomon are Digimon plush yus :V $30 each)

Psyduck Bell Plush $15
Electabuzz Bell Plush $50

Elekid Banpresto Soft Touch $20

Blastoise Banpresto Super DX MWT $45

(outdated friends plush, many of these have been sold)

Togepi TOMY 1/1 MWT (tag has minor bending) $35

Meloetta Pokedoll pair JP TTO $45 (not splitting)

Meloetta pair (not splitting) $35
(Pirouette forme is TOMY, Aria forme is Banpresto Super DX)

Meloetta Kuji Plush MWT $20

Eevee Berries Kuji $35

Alola Ippai Vulpix, Marowak $6 each

Takara TOMY Arts Oyasumi Friends Sun & Moon figures
Pikachu, Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, Rockruff - Full set of 5 figures
$25 (not splitting)

Chinchou, Lanturn, Relicanth, Luvdisc Zukan line $40 (or New in capsule $70)

Keldeo Zukan $8
Litleo/Pyroar Zukan $6
Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite Zukan $18

XY Mini Clearfiles (the two pics show the front/back sides) $4 each

XY Preorder Clearfile MIP $8

Keldeo Banpresto Don to Dekkai 30cm tall (largest) $25
Keldeo Banpresto Super DX TTO $14 MWT $15
Keldeo Banpresto MWT $8
Keldeo Resolute TOMY MWT $16
Keldeo Banpresto Korotto Manmaru MWT $15
ALL 6 FOR $75 (save $18)

Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu set (not splitting) $5
Plusle/Minun SOLD

Eevee Banpresto UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $15
Leafeon Banpresto UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $15

Ho-Oh Banpresto 2017 Dekkai $20

Dice (the 6 images below show all 6 sides)
Top row $12 each
Middle row $8 each
Bottom row $5 each

Prize G Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon glass cup $13
Prize G Espeon, Umbreon, Eevee, Pikachu glass cup $13
Prize H Raichu glass cup $9

Ichiban Kuji Prize F Ceramic Bowls MIB $7 each (3 stock)

Electric type muffler $25

Pokemon Sun & Moon Water Collection - fb

ETA Arrival Mid June (currently on route)
$9 each (assuming I am getting 2x of each but not guaranteed), or full set of 4 $32 (will take priority over all individual claims)
1. Pikachu, Rowlet, Rotomdex, Exeggcutor
2. Popplio line
3. Sharpedo, Corsola
4. Lapras, Pyukumuku, Staryu
FULL SET: eeveerafa

KFC Straw Figures set of 6 w/ display stand (not splitting) $42

Recalled Kyogre TOMY $160

Pikachu, Squirtle, Venusaur metal keychains $4 each
Pikachu + Mini book keychain (2 pages have jp handwritting) $3

Glow-in-the-dark keychains $1.50 each except Mew $4
SOLD: Electabuzz, Mew, Mewtwo (only Chansey left!)

Joltik Banpresto $15
Darkrai Banpresto $10
Victini Banpresto $5
Totodile Banpresto mascot $5
Eelektross Banpresto $14
Inkay Pokemon Center Petite (no hangtag/chain) $8
Oshawott, Chimchar mascots $3 each

Dialga Hyper Size (box is beat up) $10
Volcanion Hyper Size $12

Lugia Hyper Size $9

Xerneas/Yveltal $7 each

Espeon Pokemon Center Sitting Trick pose MWT $11

Pikachu Ichiban Kuji Last One Prize Die-Cut Rainbow Cushion/Pillow MWT $90

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Round Cushion/Pillow $35

Close-By? Signs set of 8 figures $55
ETA Arrival late May (ARRIVED)

CONTAINS: Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Eevee, Gengar, Psyduck, Meowth
(The signs can be separated from the figure to put them in various poses. I assume the sign is about 5cm tall)
1. Fallon H.

BIG Eraser set of 8 figures $55
ETA Arrival late June/early July

CONTAINS: Turned Pikachu, Pikachu & Ketchup, Sleeping Pikachu, Eevee, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Gengar
(These are 5cm tall and can be used as actual erasers, but who would do that??)
1. Meily F. - PAID
2. Fallon H.

FB claims

If you would like to claim both Signs/Eraser sets, I can hold the Signs figures until the Eraser figures arrive as well for combined shipping! Sorry, not doing individual claims!

Kuji Large Keychain Figures MIB
Tepig $10, Zekrom $15, Reshiram (has dirt from old age in the box but should be cleanable) $13

Lampent Banpresto Halloween $29
Chandelure Banpresto Halloween $32

Archen TOMY TTO $20

Eeveelutions/Genesect+Mewtwo movie Popcorn Bucket $30

Candy Figures (comes with candy, randomized pokeball, paper insert)

$3: Wobbuffet, Quilladin, Meowth
$4: Zygarde, Pancham, Togedemaru, Komala

Metal Tops $3 each except Blastoise $5, Dragonite $10
Top spinners - Venusaur $1 each, Charizard $3 each

Weight-ball figures (set of 7, not splitting) $20

Mega Stones (Mega Charizard Y and ??) $4 each

Suicune DXF Figure Pokken Tournament Banpresto MIB (9cm tall) $25

PC Kuji Acrylic Charms $5 each
Pikachu Mascot plush $4 each
Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle, Chikorita/Cyndaquil/Totodile, Treecko/Torchic/Mudkip, Snivy/Tepig/Oshawott, Pikachu/Mew/Eevee

Ichiban Kuji Twinkle Dream Hand Mirrors $6 each
Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon, Umbreon/Espeon/Eevee/Pikachu, Sylveon/Leafeon/Glaceon

Pikachu & Friends Kuji Eeveelution plush mascots MIP - set of 4 (not splitting) $55

Minicots Pikachu trio (not splitting) $10

Minicots Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon MIP set (not splitting) $100

Cyndaquil Soft Touch (hang tag has sun damage/creases) $35
Cyndaquil Larger Korotto Manmaru (left) $24
Cyndaquil Korotto Manmaru MWT (right) $23

Charmander Yawarakai MWT (left) $45, Big-Head Kawaii UFO (right) $18

Lapras 1999 Yawarakarai Banpresto $50 (hang tag is half ripped off)
Charmander 1999 Yawarakarai Banpresto Beans MWT $30
Pikachu Yawarakarai Banpresto Beans $10
Arceus Banpresto $12

Pichu Notch-Earred GIANT Shiny Super DX MWT (small stain on back) $40

Eevee Super DX Movie Edition MWT $25 (TTO $23)

Larvitar McDonalds 2001 $20
Pikachu TOP Insight Mystery Dungeon $15
Darkrai Banpresto $10

Mudkip Banpresto Ribbon contest $18
Mudkip PC Canvas $12

Charizard Banpresto Dekkai Korotto Manmaru MWT $35

Litwick I LOVE Gothic Super DX MWT $39

Pikachu Banpresto Speakers $28 (requires batteries, not tested)

Azelf, Uxie, Mesprit trio (not splitting. Azelf is TTO, others MWT) $35

Lucario DS Pouch Case MIP (Also fits regular 3DS and regular NEW 3DS, includes mesh pouch inside to hold misc items) $9

Pitapoke sets
Eeveelu MIB $10 each
Eevee, Leafeon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon

Venusaur, Mewtwo coin banks $8 each
Sushiro coin banks (bottom row) $6 each except Totodile $8
All others $2 each

Pikachu Halloween Coin bank MIP $7

Pikachu OOPS! Pokemon Center Boxer Shorts MIP (L Size: Length 34cm × Width 14cm) $24

Eevee Collection PC 2012 Tin $25

Pokemon Christmas lights tree lamp (uses 2 AA batteries, still contains batteries and is working!!) Cleffa, Igglybuff, Pikachu, Wooper, Pichu $48

Squish balls $5 each EXCEPT Jigglypuff $7, Mew $9

Waza Museum figures
Deerling $18, Pansear $12, Axew $17

Large Deoxys Battle Colloseum Figure $10

Deoxys 8-Figure Lot (not splitting) $15

Gogoat Pokemon Center JP $13

Mewtwo Korotto Manmaru MWT $15

Pikachu Room Light (the batteries are expired, I won't be shipping them to save shipping XD) $50

Lot of 8 Jakks toys (DRIFLOON WAS SOLD SEPARATELY) $14

Happiny MIB (glue on package has dried) $3

Audino Puzzle $3
Togepi Capsule Figure $3

Pokemon Center Dan Gokko Figures $8 each
Stock: Team Plasma, Team Flare, Team Aqua, Team Galactic x2

Marill Mochifuwa 3" sofubi (SUPER squishy) $9

Oddish 151 Badge MIP $5

Gyarados Burger King plush $4
Misty Tomy $4

All others $2 each (water squirters, keychains, etc)
SOLD: Poliwag squirter, Kangaskhan, Nidorino

Wakuwaku Kuji Get 2014 Kusamura Prizes:
Prize B figures
$12 each: Mega Blaziken, Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y, Mega Lucario, Xerneas, Yveltal

Plusle/Minun/Pikachu Watch MIP (not tested) $13
Pikachu Watch (still working) $3
Cyndaquil Watch (still working) $5
Roggenrola Watch (dead battery) $2

Pansage Watch (still working) $3
Snivy Watch (still working) $4

Yveltal Watch, Genesect Watch MIP $5 each

Pokemon Center Plush TTO
Snivy $8
Fennekin $12
Ralts $15
Kirlia $18

Candy Figures Sun & Moon
ETA Arrival Late February 2017 (arrived!)

Each comes with figure, pokeball container (randomized), piece of candy, cardboard insert tag
$8: Sogaleo (Vanessa E. - New Z - PAID), Lunala (Alyssa P. - Paying 3/3), Rowlet (Kelsi B. - PAID), Popplio (Kaycy L.- PAID), Litten (Brittany C. - PAID), Rotom zukan (Angel H. - PAID), Rockruff (Jenifer G. - PAID)
$5: Togedemaru, Komala (Jason R.), Pikachu (Angel H. - PAID)

Choco Egg figures Sun & Moon
ETA Arrival Early March 2017 (Arrived early!)

Note: These are BLIND packaged and not guaranteed to get all of them. I will be getting 80 and keeping a near full set for myself.
Each comes with capsule with figure inside + paper insert, foil wrapping, and flattened box.
1. Pikachu $3
2. Leafeon $7
3. Glaceon $7
4. Ditto $7
5. Lucario $5
6. Porygon 2 $5
7. Poliwag $5
8. Magikarp $5
9. Machamp $5
10. Lapras $6
11. Flygon $5
12. Charizard $7
13. Rowlet $5
14. Litten $5
15. Popplio $5
16. Secret (Female Pikachu) $12
Spreadsheet for claims

Re-Ment Useful Figures Assortment

fb details
Pikachu phone stand
Charmander clip case
Bulbasaur stamp stand
Gengar rubber band stand
Squirtle pen stand
Snorlax card stand
Pikachu pen stand
Mew cord reel

FULL SET claimed - Terrah V. ($50) - PAID, Jenifer G. ($50) - PAID, Kaycy L. ($50) - PAID

Bulbasaur Canvas PC MWT $18 (TTO available $15)

Action Pose Figure 3-Pack, Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon $15

Lucario TOMY (newer ver), only selling one or the other:
Left one: minor damage on nose, more damage on backside/waist/feet vinyl, no tags $35
Right one: damage on nose and white hand tips, has tush tag $45
Pic 2, Pic 3

Pikachu Bottle Holder MWT $10
Pikachu Pecha Berry $26

Pikachu Ichiban Kuji Prize A Deka Kyun MWT $35

Giratina Altered PC Pokedoll JP 2008 $30

Coin banks $4 each

Coin banks
Teddiursa $8, Wobbuffet $5

Poliwhirl, Psyduck, Clefairy LARGE grabby figures $3 each (lots of dirt on these, Clefairy not pictured but available)
Clefairy LARGE grabby figure MIP $5
All others $5 each

TOMY Soft Vinyl Sofubi:
Bulbasaur $20 (first image only) (w/ bent up tag $25)
Blastoise $30
Elekid $14
Oddish $20
Mew $15
Charizard $18
Pichu $10
Pichu (bottom image) $10
Squirtle $20 (MWT $25)
Bulbasaur (bottom image) $25
Marill $16
Houndoor $30
Heracross $30
Chikorita $20
Pikachu $10

Pokemon ANA plane inflatable (selling the unused flattened one) $10

Vaporeon Kuji mascot MIP $20

Purrloin Musical Pokemon Center w/ hangtag $15 TTO $12

Eevee/Sylveon Pokemon Center Mascot pair JP TTO (not splitting) $45 (Keychain metal has used wear. There's a light stain on Sylveon's white ribbon that could probably be cleaned off with a bleach marker)

Tepig Pokemon Center Ichiban Kuji $17

Pikachu ear pull $10
Buneary Christmas 2008 $39
Piplup Korotto Manmaru (hang tag has crease) $10

Sylveon TOMY JP $15
Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon TOMY JP $13 each

Manaphy Super DX Banpresto MWT $50

Victini TOMY Talking Together Plush $40
Minccino TOMY Talk Together Plush $45
Tepig TOMY Talk Together Plush $25 (box has damage on front)
(Can go w/out box to reduce shipping costs)

Pikachu 1998 Banpresto UFO 2 w/ hangtag $20
(no hangtag $18)

Piplup Regular Size TOMY MWT $14

Buneary Shiny Super DX Korotto Manmaru MWT $35
Darkrai Shiny Super DX (no or string but in great condition) $25

Mewtwo Banpresto Big Size 1998 MWT $29

Limited Edition Zygarde Core Blue version TOMY Moncolle from Pokemon Fan Magazine
$20 if you would like the magazine itself included (will have to be shipped with Priority rate in the US, or very expensive international because the magazine is HEAVY). The full magazine includes a Volcanion cleaner strap, sticker sheet, and some other small goodies.

Ichiban Kuji Twinkle Dream prize B & C
Eevee $40, Sylveon $65

Rayquaza Pokepark hat $30

Lucario Bobblehead $12

Pokemon Center Mega Pikachu Poncho Gacha figures $9 each
(Comes w/ insert, can include gacha capsule upon request)

Pikachu Talking TOMY 11" (talk pack still works)

Subarudo Bobbleheads
Pikachu (missing tail) $2 (1 stock), Buneary $8

Minun Ear Crunch 2004 MWT $15
Pichu Fuzzy TOMY MWT $22

Pichu Christmas TOMY $29

Large Toys (all battery activated but batteries not working) (Underside)
Bulbasaur, Clefairy, Jigglypuff $19
Pikachu $5


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