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  • Tue, 17:50: 2 guys offered me a ride back home after the late mtg today but honestly I wanna use the shuttle wifi to play pokeTCG on my tablet lolol....
  • Tue, 17:51: Also i think about how I'd be keeping them verbal company during the traffic jams and my anti-social kicks in
  • Tue, 17:52: they're both married guys who are into games/anime too even, I'm just... already socially beat after most work days ORZ
  • Tue, 17:55: Pokekoma doing a special 6-roll once a day for the next 6 days with 1+ guarantee EX, 2 of 2 both got infernape https://t.co/kSOx3HDfdr
  • Tue, 17:57: Had a feeling they were going to do something special for xmas and glad I saved up so many gems w
  • Tue, 18:07: In all honesty though I really like how some people loosen up at the end of the year like this,I wish more people were like this,more often
  • Tue, 23:39: RT @AlmightyBoob: https://t.co/78lvMnw9um
  • Wed, 07:14: This morning's rounds https://t.co/edvtDVbfih
  • Wed, 07:15: For the dark type team~~ my greninja is happy https://t.co/jfW7q6UZXU
  • Wed, 07:49: RT @KeitaroTime: Tier 1 Sponsor: "Hello Keitaro, we'd like to suggest an offer to your player. You're MKLeo's manager right?" Me: https://…
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