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  • Thu, 22:21: ...? Espeon and Umbreon look like total reissues of the 2012 eevee collection https://t.co/bkw5sjF8LR
  • Thu, 22:23: RT @zombiemiki: New Sun & Moon Pokedolls will go on presale at Skytree, Mega Tokyo, and Tokyo Station January 1st. (Regular release date: J…
  • Thu, 22:24: but wow pokedolls are alive. I'm amazed I'm still not tempted to actually get ANY of these but they all look great, really
  • Thu, 22:24: Not even these........ https://t.co/j7GPLz4eIZ Marowak looks super cool tho
  • Thu, 22:25: I shouldn't be amazed though, when I shift gears I shift pretty hard
  • Thu, 23:36: I've been really lacking sleep lately so I'mma pass on this month's inazuma walker live, but I'll certainly catch up when I wake up
  • Thu, 23:57: RT @zeeeeeeah: 이건 평소보다 너무하다. 대놓고 새우잠 자라는 것 아닌가.. https://t.co/cNkeXsuGwR
  • Fri, 08:44: RT @wadadot_Lv: ファイアーエムブレム0(サイファ)第7弾にて、エリウッドとヘクトルを描かせていただきました!デッキに加えて遊んでいただけたら嬉しいです。よろしくお願いいたします。 https://t.co/BouhOLh0xi
  • Fri, 08:45: The buzzing at every minute is still happening =_=;;; what's going on here
  • Fri, 09:22: RT @Pokemon: We're heading into the Kalos region! Lysandre makes his appearance in today's #PokemonGenerations: https://t.co/zBE7aWTmXk htt…
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