Splash (splash) wrote,

Pokemon GO Plus usage

Gonna start tracking Pokemon GO Plus usage cuz it's all over the place so far...

First 4 entries are from rough memory.

Battery 1: (original battery)
Sep 17 - Oct 13 (~5 weeks)

Battery 2: (generic)
Oct 13 - Nov 3 (3 weeks)

Battery 3: (generic)
Nov 3 - Nov 14 (1.5 weeks)

Battery 4: (generic)
Nov 14 - Nov 22 (1 week...)

Battery 5: (generic)
Nov 22 - Nov 27 (retiring this one early to get off the generics)

Battery 6: (Sony)
Nov 27 - Dec 12 (just at 2 weeks... dud?)

Battery 7: (generic)
Dec 12 - Dec 19 (1 week again...)

Battery 8: (Sony)
Dec 19 - Feb 14 (Almost 2 months!! what~~)

Battery 9: (generic)
Feb 14 - Mar 4 (2.5 weeks)

Battery 10: (Sony)
Mar 4 - April 20 (little less than 2 months)

Battery 11: (generic)
April 20 -

I really hope it's not going to keep getting worse like this =_=;;;

Trying out branded batteries (Sony) to see if they are better than generics:

First run at only 2 weeks, not a great sign. But it worked really well for the majority of those 2 weeks. I'll switch back and forth a bit.

Batteries 2-5 run on BlueDot Trading 2032 Batteries. Paid $9.30 for a 30-pack, after subscribe and save. Gonna try other bulk methods instead of going for these again.

Will also eventually see how long this $16.19 "CR2032 100 Pack 3V Lithium Batteries PKCELL NEW Bulk Button Coin Cell Battery" set works, evaluate cost/effectiveness from there... (sooner than estimated since I split the first 30 pack with fiance)

Meta has changed a bit because Niantic adjusted CP values across the board... (rip Arcanine, which is buuu because I love Arcanine), trainer level 32:
Tags: gaming, pokemon go, series - pokemon

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