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  • Thu, 15:24: RT @niragorou: ごめん、ペン追ってくる蜘蛛が可愛すぎて絵が描けない https://t.co/kmDkp18E3x
  • Thu, 15:31: RT @PokemonGoApp: Who's excited to catch Pokémon while Trick-or-Treating? Use the AR camera and share these encounters with us using #Pokem
  • Thu, 16:23: Misleading oho https://t.co/7wwFJZFCmg
  • Thu, 18:05: .... I gave it one long thought and I went for it. WORTH *cries* https://t.co/qQk5SHBQJM
  • Thu, 18:06: Eff he's cute trap shimono hiro kyun
  • Thu, 18:06: Literally the last one too
  • Thu, 18:10: Throw these two in there too. (Meredy compensation???) Well there goes everything I saved for new years instead but… https://t.co/TJDgXUcLRu
  • Thu, 19:31: RT @mochi_wsj: Nintendo: no more official announcement would come this year on 1) game titles 2) spec details, including region-lock status.
  • Thu, 19:31: REGION LOCK STATUS explicitly mentioned urgh
  • Thu, 19:59: RT @rica_matsumoto3: サトシゲッコウガと別れる場面、12年半連れそった梨香の愛犬ハロへの想いをサトシの台詞に重ねました。 実は収録日が、ハロが天国へ旅立った3日後…自分自身のいろんな事がいくつも重なってました。 サトシの気持ちがリアルにみんなに届いていたら…
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