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Anime impression end of summer 2016

I haven't done one of these in AGES because of lack of time...?!?!?!? And changes in lifestyle, and the fact that I don't actually make it to the end of a lot of anime until longgg after the season is over, etc etc yadayada. There's still a lot of stuff I have yet to finish, so just these for now:

[anime impression]
Mob Psycho 100
I was pretty so-so on the first few eps, much like I honestly was with One Punch Man during most of it (I like the comedy parts in OPM the most if anything), but in the end I ended up liking it considerably more than OPM. Character and story reasons. Props to BONES for doing better work these days, as I've tended to associate them with doing great starts but failing to finish on a good note.

Good down-to-earth stuff there, restoring humanity. We live for reasons.
Not often you'll get an anime that'll truly speak to you on a real level, with zero focus on weebs and lolis and oppais and tsunderes and ikemen and other various fetishes, mainstream or obscure... and just focus on core existence of friendship and relationships. Hits the heart, man.

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
I had pretty much zero expectations or knowledge of this before going in from the top; the anime was about ep 20 when we started it. I guess my expectations were subtle if anything-- it felt like general anime sites would pop the word up allllmost as much as SAO when it was out (not quite as much though, SAO would pop up so much it was OBNOXIOUS), so I was given the impression that it'd be on SAO level of overhype. But eh most of those impressions were blown out of the water in a good way for the most part. I ended up enjoying this series a lot~
It's NOT without its moments where I wish they'd just STOP--moments specifically being weird banter between certain characters that just scream LIGHT NOVEL/WEB NOVEL weirdness. Or base concepts that put me off, like the main character's existence--I understand some reasoning behind having a young hikikomori proving to be kickass, but the whole thing about him wanting to hook up (and essentially successfully hooking up) with a drop-dead pretty girl in a world where general society thinks she's NOT pretty (for plotbunny racist reasons)... it's all kind of silly and the reason why I can't stand SAO, or at least the main pair in it. The girl is insecure in all sorts of ways and it's only because the author set her up to be born that way (Re:Zero) or just everyone else around her is a TOTAL ASSHAT (SAO), and then along comes random kid who gets to sweep her away, and they can do that because they just happen to be the only one who is given the ability to do so, bestowed by forced plotbunnies.

There's much more I can rant on this and I might given some time. We'll see. XD;;;

But don't get me wrong, I really like Re:Zero and hope they continue with a 2nd season once enough content is available. For now though, with fiance on this one... that was one epic friend-zoning.
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