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  • Fri, 06:36: This finishes just in time for me to start my morning routine before work... but dst...
  • Fri, 08:28: RT @rica_matsumoto3: ポケモン打ち入りがありました。(^-^)/ すこぶる明るいサン&ムーンの合言葉は 大きな声で「アローラ♪」 みんな一丸となり 全身全霊でガンバルンバでっす♪♪♪よろしくです✨🌈✨ https://t.co/ExMpQg3pYZ
  • Fri, 09:18: feels weird I quit pokemon shuffle cold turkey last night
  • Fri, 09:19: ...so that I could concentrate on other mobage that are less repetitive but still repetitive ;;;;;
  • Fri, 09:20: if it wasn't such a PITA just to play the additional main stages I would reconsider
  • Fri, 09:20: but as of atm it requires me running Meowth like a dozen times for each one in order to S rank =w=
  • Fri, 09:30: RT @Pokemon: A new episode of #PokemonGenerations is here! Follow Lance of the Elite Four on his investigation: https://t.co/crfpOy1yiJ htt…
  • Fri, 09:32: oh such lulz the new digimon anime starts tomorrow hahaha
  • Fri, 09:32: I'll watch it but I get zero digimon vibes from the material so far
  • Fri, 09:33: I mean I watch puzzle and dragons anime too, so I feel like it'd be that... except pazudora has a better budget
  • Fri, 09:39: Gen 4 https://t.co/yAVf7iX83L
  • Fri, 09:48: stupid mac randomly killing right click function on one of my browser tabs
  • Fri, 10:13: Hangouts ref cuz the new interface sucks balls https://t.co/RFf80cKIto
  • Fri, 10:16: RT @ClydeMandelin: Happy International Translation Day! I'm making a list, let me know what your favorite game translation quote is! https…
  • Fri, 10:22: wind is my favorite of the zestiria temple themes, and w00t pokeGO player rank 30
  • Fri, 10:25: The overflow after selling 6 potions aie https://t.co/mWmuwewXQr
  • Fri, 10:26: *discards all regular revives*
  • Fri, 10:28: also NOW it gives 3 lucky eggs, these would've been way more useful at rank 29 because there's nothing beyond 30 ;;
  • Fri, 10:34: The ppl who most turn down quotes after hearing the $13.50 international minimum are always from the UK, why is that
  • Fri, 10:35: Is there some strange Englishism that British ppl assume shipping from the USA is going to be cheaper than other international countries wtf
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