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  • Wed, 15:43: RT @Creatures_Inc: 【ありがひとし先生サイン会☆9/18】「ポケモンカードゲーム アートコレクション」発売記念サイン会が今週末に開催されます!くわしくは有隣堂ヨドバシAKIBA店のサイトをご覧ください☆ https://t.co/uw0mrv51rr http…
  • Wed, 15:43: RTing the image again for the scandalous charizard ^q^;;
  • Wed, 19:23: RT @0__K2: べろりんがの絶技にカイロスががが・・・ https://t.co/se1aHP51IB
  • Wed, 19:25: RT @TheDailyShow: Tonight at 11, a Missouri gun bill will allow citizens to own a gun with no training required. What could go wrong? https…
  • Thu, 00:42: RT @gmhuntr7: Added 4 new pokemon to Smash 4 as well as an HD version of Smash 64's Saffron City stage :D https://t.co/K8OBZ4wttC
  • Thu, 09:26: RT @Arbys: You are filled with determination https://t.co/Ox60GpAq53
  • Thu, 09:27: haven't eaten at arby's in like 10 years but whoever's running their twitter account is quite the weeb but in a good way
  • Thu, 09:29: RT @hinopika: サトシの作画不安って言うけどBWだってアニメ開始前といざ始まって回を重ねた時を比べると安定してきたし慣れはもちろんの事、それほど心配しなくてもいいのかもしれない。(拾い画で申し訳ない) https://t.co/bOTXXcmJ6u
  • Thu, 09:59: after so many yrs, paypal decided to be hip & change the font on their web layout but there are still many broken things about their UI wtf?
  • Thu, 10:13: RT @digtwbk: ここのダイゴさん最高でした!!!!!!!!!!!!アニポケさんありがとうございました!!!!!!!!🙏💕💕💕 #anipoke https://t.co/Be73b8ZITF
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