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  • Thu, 20:56: RT @UMBRHP: Thank you for coming JAPAN!!! We look forward seeing again!!! https://t.co/foWiXr996I
  • Thu, 22:08: hereon anyone asks what "my plans for kids" are, I'll tell them we're thinking about a bearded dragon & a hypoallergenic Russian Blue cat
  • Thu, 22:54: *smiles every time I look at the left shoulder and see the 20th anniversary logo*
  • Fri, 07:13: RT @BearUNLV: Yes Top 32 Smash 4 Wii U at #Shine2016 is best of 5 https://t.co/jlSkyO2wzu
  • Fri, 09:14: God Eater music kitakore
  • Fri, 09:16: Too bad this localization is top grade terrible #tolink https://t.co/kp6RbX1fPu
  • Fri, 10:43: Why are so many people so BAD at using public restrooms, all in the indecent pile of indecent people >:B
  • Fri, 10:52: RT @BearUNLV: We had a double KO at #Shine2016. Made them do 1 stock & 2 minute match same stage; they ended it in 55 seconds. A Cloud vs L…
  • Fri, 11:17: Almost every day I hear the pokeGO startup music from someone who accidentally left their phone volume blasting for some reason
  • Fri, 11:18: Also, they still have the music on at all? I turned it off before beta was over
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