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  • Wed, 15:01: RT @yuzuikka: アローラライチュウ爆誕!!!どう見てもバナナですかわいい!!!!! https://t.co/gqi15psEuI
  • Wed, 15:01: Gotta prep to go to SF tomorrow after work cuz I won't be home all weekend after;;;??~~~~~~~ maybeee??
  • Wed, 15:04: Worlds being closed for public has really deflated any motivation to go into SF in Lucario though :< TPCi doesn't want us there eh
  • Wed, 15:20: the lights keep turning off in our part of the office because everyone else on the floor went to an offsite, I'm loving this STAY OFF
  • Wed, 15:59: ToL 5* UA event https://t.co/zEjAOXoysl
  • Wed, 16:10: That Leon/Judas 5* UA looks amazing, if unnerfed
  • Wed, 16:12: this lady's name is "Glace [asian last name]" and I can't help thinking if that was some unfortunate immigration of r's and l's
  • Wed, 16:24: PokeGO Jigglypuff's side-B has such a lingering hitbox sighhhhhhhhhhh
  • Wed, 16:26: RT @cyu_toro: 猫のとり足(立った時に鳥の足みたいに指が開くやつ)絶対流行ると前々から予言してるんですけどなかなか流行らないのでもう一度布教しておきますね https://t.co/HjWN9xjMth
  • Wed, 16:45: That grinded quickly lol https://t.co/60Qibi1C7V
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