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  • Thu, 11:29: Regardless of whether we're "allowed in" or not at Worlds, there will be TONS of Pokemon fans from around the world in SF that weekend, so
  • Thu, 11:30: let's posse at pier 39 (this was my intention from the start anyway tho)
  • Thu, 11:32: RT @PokemonGoNews: There will be no #PokemonGO events or Pokémon distribution at the 2016 Pokémon World Championships. https://t.co/gMy4kdB
  • Thu, 11:37: RT @ssb4_Mr_II: Let's Robin Time!! https://t.co/GNibJbbtJC
  • Thu, 11:38: uoho Robin cosplay~ Wish Super Smash Con were local, I'd honestly be as or even more excited for that as I am Worlds if it were xD;
  • Thu, 11:39: RT @JoeMerrick: Have to say that this turn of events has kicked the wind out of the excitement of this trip. Was hoping to meet many of you…
  • Thu, 11:46: RT @shofu: I planned this gigantic trip to Pokemon Worlds almost 8 months in advance, and A WEEK before the event they say that we can't go…
  • Thu, 11:47: RT @Liquid_Nairo: I can't believe this dude is on my flight AGAIN! STOP FOLLOWING ME @TSMZeRo https://t.co/iisPObtTt8
  • Thu, 11:56: TPC's conspiracy/social experiment with Niantic to get everyone to play GO around SF instead of going to Worlds
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