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  • Wed, 21:55: sigh wish mom had spent more time teaching me to braid own hair when I was young. She's a poor, impatient teacher & my hair's crazy tho
  • Wed, 21:56: Even the braids she'd set herself fall apart after a few hours, but that's how crazy my hair is
  • Wed, 21:58: Also miss my friends who would play with my hair in high school. The friend who rode on the bus home w/ me & played w/ it. I miss that a lot
  • Wed, 21:59: I remember once some younger kids were making fun of him about it, but he didn't let it affect him at all. the real champ
  • Wed, 22:14: Testing Ufufufufufufu https://t.co/HHxkQlcXg6
  • Thu, 00:18: I intended to spare a couple hrs to sort through my FCS figures tonight but it sank into dealing with the stupidity between paypal/ebay
  • Thu, 00:19: had to talk to at least 8 reps, 4 from each paypal/ebay before ONE @ pp knew what was actually happening & forwarded me to specialist @ ebay
  • Thu, 00:20: along the way hearing the frustrations from both sides about the inconveniences from pp/ebay separating. why did they separate at all then
  • Thu, 00:29: Needlefelting sounds like fun and easy learning curve but wool material isn't soft to me uuuu ;;
  • Thu, 00:36: Reason I haven't been getting the 20th anni pearlies (shaymin, victini additionally) https://t.co/I1RycpjVad
  • Thu, 00:37: leaves out arceus, meloetta, keldeo (+ I guess pika pose 2 https://t.co/iIaWi8j92U ) but still weighing whether I care enough for their cost
  • Thu, 00:40: cuz really they shouldn't be more than a few dollars each but TOMY USA packaging waste wants 10-15 for each........
  • Thu, 00:52: haven't been touching any of the 20th anni plush either because they're all velboa.
  • Thu, 10:34: oh buh the new winking eeveelu mascots are velboa huh, definitely okay skipping now
  • Thu, 11:20: note to self update gen 6 kids in the sales tonight
  • Thu, 11:34: over 1000 rattata candies grahhh
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