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  • Fri, 09:26: assuming pokego plus isn't going to give out nice/great/excellent/curveball bonuses, I hope the catching process is all or nothing w/ 1 tap
  • Fri, 09:26: cuz I'm gonna get tired of CP 100-200 pokes taking up 20 pokeballs realllllll fast
  • Fri, 09:42: Every time I evolve my beefiest growlithe I end up with a beefier one https://t.co/g641xCiWUv
  • Fri, 09:57: well that's the first time I've seen a pokeball bounce off a rattata from the end of its attack and then bounce on it again, which caught it
  • Fri, 09:57: those lingering invincibility frames though
  • Fri, 10:10: RT @PG_CoachSteve: How to improve Pokken Tournament. Please Comment and Share Read: https://t.co/VTUVN3ROBU
  • Fri, 10:42: finally fed up with paypal's conversion rates
  • Fri, 10:44: �16,503 paypal wanted to convert it to $165.61 when my CC does it $157.90 instead...
  • Fri, 10:46: also the debit/credit stopped working on jp sites anyway so screw you paypal, switching
  • Fri, 10:50: Also I can't believe after all this time the "new" paypal interface is still missing a significant chunk from the "classic site"
  • Fri, 12:06: and n!@nt!c's not going to listen to our suggestions anyway so... you've got an easy decision to make, it's up to you to blow it or not
  • Fri, 12:07: this is THE big thing that's keeping me from wanting to spend for any more pokecoins
  • Fri, 12:18: Just saying I've (involuntarily) experienced first-hand how shutting down fansites sends a game to ruin |D
  • Fri, 12:19: except the final blow was actually upper management deciding to triple the prices of stuff but LET'S NOT GO THERE.......... *cough*
  • Fri, 12:39: RT @El_Aleph87: Aito Ohashi (大橋藍人) served as one of the animation supervisors. As expected, the animation was INSANE. #anipoke https://t.co
  • Fri, 12:40: Anipoke makes me so happy asdlfkjdlfj I wonder if they'll keep up to these standards going into gen 7
  • Fri, 12:41: RT @CatchEmAlI: 10 mins into pokemongo and chill 😂 https://t.co/R9tk6grQOp
  • Fri, 12:48: Official Song of Magikarp "I LOVE Koiking" https://t.co/4pTIGaVUFF Has anybody translated this yet because I will if not
  • Fri, 12:49: I guess eventually they might make a US version tho, but lyrics??
  • Fri, 12:50: hmm interesting, the area that was a tauros nest for as long as I remember has become a magmar nest today
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