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  • Tue, 16:07: Candy figures https://t.co/p2HHDQDLXq
  • Tue, 16:08: yes there are 2 of the same pancham, because they like to hang in gangs yo
  • Tue, 16:10: RT @ikacr4u: ドードーみつけたーー……… (;゚д゚)!? https://t.co/nBoKxsssbL
  • Tue, 17:22: Finally see the visual difference on the pokego maps... Smaller roads aren't differentiated anymore sigh
  • Tue, 17:23: Watching my shuttle go through patches of light green that previously used to indicate the actual roads instead
  • Tue, 19:06: sigh going into the kitchen when I get home to first see my roomie's female dog humping his male cat ;;;;;;;;;;;;
  • Tue, 19:08: Hey guys I just remembered LEVEL-5 VISION is literally in 4 and a half hours
  • Tue, 19:09: work was really stressful for me today for various reasons and pokemon go was keeping me sane from it pretty much
  • Tue, 19:10: RT @eddieballin_: "come to me if you want power, Sauske" https://t.co/fQHYiVxFRk
  • Tue, 19:11: RT @RPGSite: Level-5 Vision 2016 will be livestreamed on YouTube tomorrow starting at 11:30PM PDT tomorrow (going into Wednesday) https://t…
  • Wed, 00:53: I guess this is dansen's reincarnation what with bandai's involvement and all
  • Wed, 00:54: IT'S ALL PRODUCT PLACEMENT IN THE END remember
  • Wed, 01:10: ...I... I can't stay awake for fan night but inazuma
  • Wed, 01:12: RT @animeseiyu: TVアニメ「イナズマイレブン アレスの天秤」CAST 村瀬歩、神谷浩史、福山潤、梶裕貴、木村良平、高橋李依、茅野愛衣、寺崎裕香、櫻井孝宏、戸松遥、三宅健太、斉藤壮馬、花江夏樹、武内駿輔、鈴村健一、宮野真守、四宮豪、東地宏樹、稲田徹、中村悠一
  • Wed, 01:17: excuse me while I sit and shed blissful tears at the ares inazuma eleven cast list
  • Wed, 01:18: Really hope they do the thing where they release the game way before the anime rolls out stuff because the game experience in one go is best
  • Wed, 01:19: RT @Y_ozuu: イナズマイレブン最新作にデスゾーン再登場!灰崎君かっけぇ https://t.co/0kaMTyToQO
  • Wed, 01:21: ...that is if the game will still be in that kind of format, or else it's going down the microplay road CRY
  • Wed, 01:36: RT @pixivision: 「イナイレ」シリーズ最新作が発表されたっぴ!旧作のキャラクターとの再会が楽しみだっぴ♪ファンアートを見てキャラクターをおさらいっぴ! 【祝イナイレ新作!】イナズマイレブンシリーズ特集 https://t.co/bbAd7HlprG https:…
  • Wed, 01:36: oh look a thing pixiv RTed, pixiv still remembers how much inazuma grew its site I see :3c
  • Wed, 10:11: Fire Emblem character designer Yūsuke Kozaki designed Pokémon GO team leaders https://t.co/AYelrPk1cL
  • Wed, 10:23: https://t.co/vkdTtwdec5
  • Wed, 10:29: RT @modantoire: you chose us now we get to choose you https://t.co/upvozy2CIA
  • Wed, 10:50: RT @tonneehot: レベルファイブファンナイトのステージで見た2000人ものみんなの姿を思い出したらマジ泣ける。歌わせてもらって本当に良かった、、『イナズマイレブン アレスの天秤』のテーマソング『てっぺんへダッシュ/pugcat’s(岡本幸太+トン兄)』https:/…
  • Wed, 10:53: I'll be honest I don't enjoy a thing nearly as much if it's coming from a third party outlet so the more I hear OF it b4 experiencing--
  • Wed, 10:54: the less I care. Should go for most ppl when it comes to hype and after but I feel like I have an extra layer of it compared to most
  • Wed, 10:55: so uh. source please before anything. ever
  • Wed, 10:57: muting spoils
  • Wed, 10:57: seriously just source
  • Wed, 10:58: I don't even feel like updating penguins since it's all out there already
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