Splash (splash) wrote,

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  • Wed, 16:34: Of all days to do the sf crawl
  • Wed, 16:56: Coworker was saying a couple hours ago "guess we'll see the headlines of ppl getting stabbed & phones stolen in sf after tonight"
  • Wed, 16:57: I'm going home w
  • Wed, 17:55: Of course servers are fine as soon as I'm in the middle of shuttle ride back home
  • Wed, 17:56: Not willing to pay an extra $3.50 to withstand the stink and dangers of this specific night at sf
  • Wed, 17:57: Would rather buy pokecoins but I won't do that if servers are shitty like this in the long run
  • Wed, 17:57: Kuso mobage
  • Wed, 17:58: Also can't believe they seriously did an update with only text change??? What the serious f
  • Wed, 17:59: I'm actually so upset with niantic right now I can't even
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