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  • Mon, 19:11: https://t.co/hiNT3lvl0s
  • Mon, 20:35: RT @Ashikara_Nioi: Stay !! https://t.co/hk1OmUgQqL
  • Mon, 20:50: Dallas Mayor Calls Bullsh*t On Open Carry: It Didn’t Help During Shooting, And Made Things Worse https://t.co/9Qu5V2g74D via @@IfYou0nlyNews
  • Mon, 21:12: RT @neetanating: did you know? this november will be kami voice's 5th anniversary. don't forget to rewatch it for namikawa in an afro https…
  • Mon, 22:41: RT @jonnysun: 1998: stop playing pokemon and go outside 2016: stop playing pokemon and come inside
  • Mon, 23:46: ppl who are paranoid about google account access (debunked already, btw) & deleted the app, they crack me up
  • Mon, 23:47: pretty much that one guy at TRU who said he was convinced PokeGO is Nintendo spying on your location coordinates 24/7
  • Mon, 23:48: PokeGO is cloud save anyway, so deleting the app if you had an account doesn't do anything (except give you bad pokekarma I guess)
  • Mon, 23:50: Six of these beautiful Moncolle cases, this one is designated gen6 WIP... But so many are super size & don't fit ;; https://t.co/Sk6UYk4BRF
  • Mon, 23:51: tonight also realizing they never released a proper moncolle Espurr either, just that super derpy TOMY USA one XDDD
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