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  • Tue, 22:18: https://t.co/3FNgiP3hvE
  • Tue, 22:33: you'd think after all these years and reputation growth that amiami wouldn't have such a shitty web design, but welcome to japan
  • Tue, 22:36: RT @allinia: Oh so guys I've been collecting the Pokemons since before DP and there is *always* a lull between generations
  • Tue, 23:28: Less than 3 months until SF Pokeworlds :3c
  • Wed, 00:50: hoh I didn't know the TCG World Championships Decks they sell come with booklets with Worlds memories... will definitely get this year's
  • Wed, 01:21: RT @AnimeNewsNet: #News Tales of Zestiria the X TV #Anime's Promo & Ad Preview FLOW Opening Theme https://t.co/HSEwqhF3ue
  • Wed, 01:24: I'm confused is Zestiria the X supposed to be a retelling of the game or an original spinoff thing altogether |D;;;
  • Wed, 01:26: ...because the game story could srsly use a retelling if changed drastically enough, otherwise it's not even worth
  • Wed, 01:28: anyway I'm just going with the retelling thing because Alisha was like "Sorey, you can really see Seraphim?" just like early game
  • Wed, 01:29: Zestiria story does have some decent potential if told properly, not like the slow, disjointed, inconclusive jumble shit the game was
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