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  • Fri, 14:12: I checked in at Sa-By Thai on #Yelp https://t.co/HjilTjDhpU
  • Fri, 18:03: @subbiechu not sure if you get DM notifications!!
  • Sat, 10:34: RT @NEBU_KURO: 「うどんでも くいにいくか じぇのす。」「はい せんせい。」 https://t.co/hEeMIAw3Tz
  • Sat, 11:02: Most popular asks at swap meet were for Totodile (5), Raichu (4), Ninetales (4), Togepi (3).. should've at least brought the 1/1 Togepi w
  • Sat, 11:04: RT @FanimeCon: Get to know "The Career of Daisuke Sakaguchi" at his #Fanime panel in panel room 2 in an hour.
  • Sat, 11:11: Psyduck and Mudkip also got noticeable asks, thinking more on it. Shoutouts to the obscure Golett, Durant, Nidoking, Sandshrew/slash, ghosts
  • Sat, 11:14: Need to redo all MPC pics when I get back and figure out what else was sold throughout the week w Thanks for helping me empty out stock all!
  • Sat, 11:37: RT @matsukazest: 凄いよー(^-^)/ 桜蘭高校ホスト部の人気が凄いよ(^-^)/ Swap Meetでステファニーに英語版のホスト部コミック貰っちゃった(^-^)/ thank you https://t.co/nRVLc073Q5
  • Sat, 11:38: ehhh I didn't see masayan there at all, too busy xD
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