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  • Wed, 08:21: Please tell me why I need to wear my heavy jacket in this shuttle when it's 80 degrees outside, fucking cali ac
  • Wed, 09:02: RT @XplodingUnicorn: I accepted a friend request from someone I didn't know on Facebook. It was the right decision. Now he blocked me. ht…
  • Wed, 09:39: still a bit over my head that OLDCODEX will be at AX~ I'll just keep quelling myself with the joy of PokeWorlds at SF~~~
  • Wed, 09:46: 13 minutes: https://t.co/Ee2ySp2EyY
  • Wed, 09:49: RT @google: #IO16 starts today at 10am PT. Tune in to watch the keynote live: https://t.co/yb35KKneIq https://t.co/lGHMWxchAE
  • Wed, 09:56: thing I've found annoying about 5x/6p, or could be these ones specifically, but often lose wifi connection and have to manually reconnect
  • Wed, 10:17: ...the words terrific and terrible make me question english
  • Wed, 10:22: RT @Polygon: Millennium Actress followed director Satoshi Kon's Perfect Blue, his debut feature from 1998. https://t.co/khPdfbbwJn
  • Wed, 10:22: hmm haven't seen millennium actress since that asian studies class in undergrad, sounds like a weekend candidate~
  • Wed, 10:57: RT @google: “Android is the most popular OS in the world.” 600+ different Android smartphones launched this past year alone. #io16
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