Splash (splash) wrote,

Been a realllly long time since I woke up from a dream crying

I had this dream Tuesday before waking up:

I remember watching some kind of movie where a girl was just not having any luck with anything she did--she was just starting off in college and just wanted to fit in a bit. No one showed any interest in her at the classes she went to, and basically she went through most of her starting days without interacting with anyone. All she had were lecture classes or something like that. She was going around trying to find parking for her car at her apartment complex parking, but everywhere she went, it'd be flooded to ridiculous amounts, and all the safe spots were already taken by other cars. I was a callous older lady in the dream, watching this movie and laughing at her plight. Apparently, I was a college professor myself who infamously carried little sympathy towards her students.

Come the end of my class and I'm with a new transfer student in her car, who's stuck trying to park her car in an apartment complex lot as well. The scenario goes just like the movie... Flood comes in like four different spots she tries. At long last, she finds something decent, kind of hidden off from the other spots... And then a parking lot rep comes out and tells her that specific place is not actually of the apartment complex but of another zip code and she had no authority parking there. She had to find another place. At this point she starts sobbing, and it's so sad that I do too irl and I wake up..... ???
So much strange sympathy for this girl, just trying to find a place to park.
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