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  • Fri, 15:31: omg thyme essence water is so good it's like I'm drinking melted ice ^q^;
  • Fri, 15:32: RT @delashanMichiko: ポケモン20周年おめでとうございます! ポケモンの最初の冒険が始まった町「マサラタウン」のBGMを、ORASの音符マットで演奏しました ※一部音符マットの音域外の音があったため、簡単ではありますが編集しています https://t.co
  • Fri, 15:34: oh fuu you can't send from virtual console pokemon RGBY to Pokebank to XY/ORAS... They really only meant Sun/Moon
  • Fri, 15:35: welp I intended for my expired pokebank to stay expired for longer anyway
  • Fri, 15:36: RT @BulbaNewsNOW: For those wanting a source for Sun and Moon being the newest generation, the UK press release: https://t.co/LQSyrULYNR
  • Fri, 15:57: RT @shounenpng: marth: robin please just take a normal picture with me robin: imma cast arcfire marth: robin just one picture robin: https:…
  • Fri, 15:58: oh yeahhhhh. birthright doesn't have odin either... welp that's another +1 for conquest
  • Fri, 15:58: RT @zombiemiki: Line is looping around but definitely not as crazy as last week https://t.co/1fGjjand9h
  • Fri, 15:59: RT @user34name712: ポケモンの完全新作サン・ムーンは素直に嬉しいんだけども Zが出ると信じて、何かあるかもと集め続けたジガルデくんたちはどうすればいいの? https://t.co/RSQ6g8ggFI
  • Fri, 16:02: I assume Hexcode Android eats Zygardes for breakfast https://t.co/kYa8XNrjyP
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