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  • Thu, 21:49: WHAT AN EPIC WASTE OF CALLING IT A CURRY DISH, it's not like making the curry is even expensive ugh why
  • Thu, 21:50: Super Mario Maker - Bulbasaur, Charmander, & Squirtle Costume Trailer https://t.co/HYv02GWpP4 via @YouTube EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS
  • Thu, 21:52: they provide so little curry sauce I'm here dumping piles of aardvark sauce just so I have enough to carry me through the rice
  • Thu, 23:43: relative posted a pic from about 5 years ago including my closest cousin & me, just a couple years before cancer took her somewhere forever
  • Thu, 23:51: feels not too long ago when she took me out to buffalo wild wings for all you can eat wings, back in my lonesome days
  • Thu, 23:52: lonesome as in friends all gone overseas amidst post undergrad struggles and having just left a long-term relationship that went nowhere
  • Thu, 23:56: she'll never know this but she was the most non-judgmental girl ever & it brings me to tears every time thinking there's none else like her
  • Fri, 00:09: RT @Abadangowario: また個人的なスマ4 ver1.1.4キャラランク作りました This is my thought not including others. (The order doesn’t matter) don’t hurt me~ https:/…
  • Fri, 00:12: RT @Abadangowario: @shofu I learned for the first time that a lot of people don’t have eyes
  • Fri, 08:23: #ねこあつめ I named this one kajikaji cuz he shows up so freaking much and today he's https://t.co/0MHAfmzcYM
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