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  • Thu, 01:05: I'm honestly weirded out how shimozaki ends up playing the same looking guy in anime... And then there's fire emblem kamui ^q^ dohoho
  • Thu, 08:30: Detective pika tanjou complete! That tbc |D.. Also obvious revelation to come, just a matter of when. Pweee
  • Thu, 08:30: Also apparently some huge stupid accident so I'm gonna be super late to work today
  • Thu, 09:19: Corrin is funnnnnn in smash
  • Thu, 09:19: RT @RPGSite: Composer Takeharu Ishimoto uploaded some FF Tactics goodness from Dissidia Arcade to SoundCloud: https://t.co/mc2lC8TKrD
  • Thu, 09:20: RT @Pharaohofhearts: "Pro-Rape" meetings canceled because the men didn't feel safe. I doubt there will be anything else as painfully ironic…
  • Thu, 09:24: Carrying an accidental excess full water bottle, orange and tape weight dispenser yep
  • Thu, 10:57: "Lost In Thoughts All Alone" - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U "Corrin" Offi... https://t.co/R5SDhf47r3 via @YouTube
  • Thu, 11:36: Wow this cafe has cucumbers at the salad bar finally a place that has them mraarhh
  • Thu, 11:39: Lunchmates scheduled for 12:30, but they're awfully late :V couldn't even plan to leave early could they
  • Thu, 11:48: Welp another reminder of why I stopped bothering having lunch with them on regular basis, they can't even stick with a calendar event huh
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