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[talk] Calorie routine!

So my usual calorie routine as of recent (workdays):

- Wake up for 2-hr commute in the morning, only water

- 8:30-9am Morning start with a fruit like Asian pear, or mandarin orange... If I'm really feeling hungry I'll cheat off with a croissant or add scrambled eggs, or a piece of real cheddar cheese. I feel like I should just go consistently with the scrambled eggs but I get lazy about going through lines ugh. Anywhere from 100-300 calories.

- 11:30am lunch, I go early because lines are stupid anytime beyond 11:45 and the food is nowhere near as awesome or things run out by the later times after 1:30pm. I tryyy to eat light by packing up the rest for dinner/weekend but this is always difficult when there's just so much ridiculous good food here XD; Ballpark 500-700 calories, brings me up to ~900 calories from the morning at max

- I usually get time to powerwalk after lunch on a walking desk where I play games, 70-100 calories according to the machine

- SOMETIMES a light 100-calorie snack before my work day ends at 5pm, maybe a couple times a week

- Light snack during 2-hr commute home. Lately been good with 25-calorie carrot packs (they fill up niceeeely). Some days I go with 150-calorie chocolate almonds, trail mix, etc.

- 300-400 calorie workout

- Shower, then dinner, another 500-700 calorie ballpark, always ends with fruit like oranges. Well, 95% of the time it's oranges.

- Of just water (I don't drink anything besides water anymore, essentially. Veggie juices are gross and cut out important fibers btw, fruit juices taste good but they're the same in terms of fiber, and sugary to boot. The only time I cheat on this is for bubble tea on weekends), I drink about the equivalent of at least 3 17oz bottles during the 12 hours that I'm out of the house, and another 2 at home to make more than 5 bottles which is pretty close to the daily recommended intake of water (85 out of 91 ounces for females), and that's not even counting the liquid in the food I consume so........

So that sets me on a pretty fair balance with my 1800-calorie TDEE.
https://tdeecalculator.net/result.php?s=imperial&g=female&age=29&lbs=115&in=60&act=1.55&f=1 But unfortunately that also means I have very little room to cheat, which I do a lot because YOLO........

I'm trying to cut from my lunch and dinner calories on a more routine basis, but it's really difficult at lunch... since without those calories I tend to not have enough energy to get through the rest of my workday, let alone a big 350-calorie workout upon coming home. There are days when I really just don't have the energy to do it, or I have too many other things I need to do so I don't have the time. At least on those days, my dinner is usually reduced to around 400-500 calories.


On weekends when I'm with fiance it tends to be just two big meals with occasional snacks, but I'm easily eating around 700 calories per meal then.

Anyway, putting this here just so I have a record, a good coworker friend of mine whose progress in weight-loss in recent years impressed me as much as my own:
January 10 at 9:21pm ·
a lot of people have asked, so here are cuteordeath's top 2016 weight loss tips:
> everyone can lose weight, even if you have a disease or are disabled. if you're fat, it's because you overeat. if you don't think you "eat that much", it's because you're so used to overeating that you have no idea what portions are supposed to be. it's ok; this is fixable.
> weight loss is easy. like, really easy BUT you have to really want it. if you're wishy washy about whether you really want it, you won't stick to your plan. make very specific goals (ie "eat under 1500kcal/day" not "eat healthy food"), and take it slowly if you have to.
> for weight loss, calories are the only thing that matter. you can eat anything you want as long as you stay under your calorie goal. I ate candy and Jack in the Box while eating 1200kcal/day.
> weight loss happens in the kitchen. hate exercise? don't do it. unless you work out A LOT, your body burns most of the day's calories just staying alive. just eat less than your BMR, and feel the weight disappear as you sit on the couch playing video games.
> there's no such thing as a slow or fast metabolism. it varies with your height/weight/gender. calculate your BMR (use google) to figure out how many calories your body burns in a "theoretical coma". this is your metabolism.
> "starvation mode" isn't a thing. you cannot possibly gain weight by not eating enough. eating too little is a bad idea because you'll feel like crap and might get so hungry you end up binging. but you will lose weight on a calorie deficit no matter what. you can fast a day or two a week to no ill effects.
> the number on the scale and your BMI do matter. they're measuring tools. number-based goals were really helpful to me along the way, ie "get to 29.9 BMI; out of obese territory".
> I don't think it's any coincidence that I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up right before I started my weight loss journey. the book even mentions that people often lose weight after executing the method described. plus my house is cleaner.
> unless there's a gun to your head, you don't ever NEED to put anything in your mouth.
> there's a healthy weight range for a reason: being underweight and overweight are both unhealthy. there is no dancing around this. my biggest motivation for getting in shape was I'm terrified of getting type 2 diabetes. you're obese but your blood work is fine? yeah, it's gonna be fine, until it's not.
tl;dr to lose weight: calculate BMR and TDEE. eat 500kcal less than TDEE to lose 1lb/week, 1,000kcal less to lose 2lb/week. exercise if you feel like it, but don't try to eat back what you think you burned. weigh and measure portions accurately. be patient. don't cheat, because you're only cheating yourself. that's it. there aren't any shortcuts, and it shouldn't cost you anything (in fact, you should save money by eating less.)

Cons and fun events like Genesis 3 are really awesome because I can live off the enthusiasm of ppl there and last on like 700 calories for the whole day lulz. But cons are expensive... cry
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