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I should LJ more!!

Reading back on an entry from Oct 2013 when I was at 127 lb. This is down from a whopping 140 lb at my peak high weight.
I'm currently floating around 115 lb. At my peak low point, basically before I started at Google, I was 107 lb, but then slowly went back up to where I am now over the past year and half. I've been trying to bring it down to 110 but it doesn't seem to be happening. My body doesn't really LOOK much different to me compared to when I was 107, so I'm wondering if I'm really at an optimum after all and if there's muscle weight factored into my current weight.

I'm starving a lot of the time still, especially between the 10-11 hrs between lunch and dinner, even with a decent snack, and I'm still exercising regularly. In fact, I'm probably exercising more because I'm constantly lugging 30+ lbs of stuff to and from my long commutes at work, going on fast walks after my lunch, as well as before getting on my home commute, but still doing my nightly workouts on top of it all. The HIIT workout seems to be doing the same calorie burn as my extended DDR sessions, but the HIIT takes me less time (about 20 min less), which gives me more time to do other things... like sleep. Sleep is still the thing I think I'm lacking in general. Fortunately, I currently have the freedom to sleep in an extra 45 minutes to take a later shuttle into work, and I'm pretty sure those 45 minutes of sleep are REALLY going to help me in the long run. Instead of getting ~5 hours of sleep, I can get a full 6, assuming I fall asleep before 1:10am... orz

BUT THERE'S TOO MUCH I NEED TO DO WHEN I GET HOME AFTER WORK, I CAN'T GET TO SLEEP EARLIER. I won't even feel sleepy anyway. I've tried going to bed earlier to get to sleep earlier, and it just ends up backfiring on me and I end up falling asleep even later than usual. I get home anywhere from 6:30-7:30pm (almost always past 7pm), and even 6 hrs from that point I'm barely done with everything I want to do at home for the night. Exercise, shower, eat, pokemon sales orders stuff, personal gaming... |D

More on this on another day!!! Because I didn't talk about food at all here, even though that counts for like 90% of the weight rather than exercise lulz... Maybe!!! More on gaming maybe!!! I dunno, what shall I blog more about, and who even still reads this LJ :3c
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