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Sold Pokemon listings 2

Sold/traded listings for my Permanent Pokemon Sales post: http://splash.livejournal.com/489252.html

1st page is crowded, so new year, new post~

Primal Groudon pencil board Pokemon Center $10

Pikachu and Eevee Friends Bowl+Mug Set
$20 each set (shipping starts at $10 within US) (3 sets left)
NOTE: Bowl+Mug set will not be split! The original packaging for these sets are not very secure so I will be repackaging them with more secure bubble wrapping.

Pikachu and Eevee Friends Plate+Mug Set
$20 each set (shipping starts at $12 within US) (4 sets left)
NOTE: Plate+Mug set will not be split! The original packaging for these sets are not very secure so I will be repackaging them with more secure bubble wrapping. Also note, the plate+mug set is heavier than bowl+mug.

ONE extra mug available (mug is same in both sets) $14

Pikachu Taffeta Banpresto $14
Mew Taffeta Banpresto $25

Mew Arcade UFO Prize w/ Masterball $39

Heatran UFO MWT $25, Mesprite UFO MWT $22, Sandile $5, Giratina $30

Buneary Talking Jakks (no batteries but tested working) $14

Amaura Korotto Manmaru MWT $15
Fletchling Korotto Manmaru MWT

Shinx Shiny Super DX Korotto Manmaru MWT $30

Charizard Kawaii Banpresto TTO $35
Blastoise Kawaii Banpresto TTO $30

Dragonite UFO Banpresto $22

Lucario Large Banpresto Bobblehead MIB (Legs/Arms move as well) $60

Arcanine PC Petite Mascot TTO $5

Pokemon Christmas lights tree lamp (uses 2 AA batteries, still contains batteries and is working!!) Cleffa, Igglybuff, Pikachu, Wooper, Pichu $48

Venusaur Battle Colosseum figure $17

Timburr Pokedoll JP $14

Chesnaught Pokemon Center JP $20
Mega Garcomp Pokemon Center JP $15

Haxorus MPC MWT $80
Deino, Zweilous, Hydreigon line MPC set MWT $50
Hydreigon UFO MWT $20
Axew UFO MWT $17
Salamence UFO MWT $35

Fletchling Korotto Manmaru MWT $15
Pidove Banpresto MWT $12

Pumpkaboo Team Rocket Banpresto MWT $40
Celebi Super DX Chibi UFO Banpresto $25

Celebi Shiny Super DX Chibi UFO Banpresto $27

Froakie Super DX 2 - TTO $20

Chimchar Lying TOMY $10

Shaymin Super DX Sky left $15 middle MWT $25 slightly larger on right $25

Bulbasaur Ichiban Kuji Kyungurumi $22 in box

Pichu PC Pokedoll JP $25

Bulbasaur Kawaii PC $29

Pikazard pair Pikachu Poncho Mega Charizard X and Y set (NOT SPLITTING) TTO $40

Latias Fuzzy TOMY $20 (Has some stains that could probably be cleaned off)

I LOVE Marine Piplup Super DX TTO $20
(Charmander mascot for reference)

Groudon Pokemon Center OA JP $20
Kyogre Pokemon Center OA JP $20

Gligar TOMY kuttari TTO $15

Pikachu & Friends Kuji Eeveelution plush mascots - set of 4 (not splitting) $50

Raichu Banpresto pouch (has been gently used? Charizard TOMY for size ref) $8

Pikachu I LOVE Pikachu Super DX HQ $30

McD's Large electronic Kyogre MIB $30, or out of box $18

Pikachu Alarm Clock new (no batteries) $19

Pikachu TOMY Bank? $15

Pikachu Plastic Bank new $9

Drilbur keychain $6
Totodile Banpresto UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $20
Meowth Rival MWT $15
Keldeo Best Wishes MWT $14
Chandelure MPC MWT $17

Meowth Soft Touch Banpresto $12

Pikachu I LOVE Pikachu $18
Pichu I LOVE Pikachu Super DX HQ MWT $20

Virizion, Cobalion, Terrakion Clear Version (Box has been bent up on the backside) $40 (not splitting)

Limited Edition Puni-chan (Squishy - This is the fansub name-- it's PVC like any other Moncolle) TOMY Moncolle $15
ETA Arrival Mid-Late-January (shipped from japan to me right after new year's) (8 slots)

1. jen81489 PAID
2. lone_enigma PAID
3. butterfreeboy PAID
4. majora1990 eCheck PAID
5. diamondphantom PAID
6. xxiiijamesiiixx PAID
7. thepudgyemolga (+ Azumarill moncolle) PAID
8. kinokokoneko PAID

Eevee Super DX HQ MWT $45
Fennekin TOMY $9

Turtwig TOMY beanie lying MWT $19

Large Toys (all battery activated but batteries not working) (Underside)
Bulbasaur, Clefairy, Jigglypuff $19
Pikachu $5

Croagunk PC Pokedoll JP $18

Plusle JP Pokedoll $20 (Minun SOLD)

Tepig Pokedoll $14
Oshawott Pokedoll $24
Hang tags have some minor creases

Treecko Super DX Yawarakai Banpresto 11" $35

Sylveon Case (unused, fits a 3DSLL, includes shoulder strap and slots for 4 games, selling 1 only) $30

Canvas: Charmander $22, Bulbasaur (bulb is coming off $10), Squirtle (loved condition $10)

I LOVE Eevee Dekkai Mascots TTO (only missing hangtag, straps are all there!):
$16: Espeon, Umbreon, Flareon
$19: Jolteon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Eevee
$21: Sylveon, Vaporeon

Eevee Sitting TOMY JP TTO $11
Sylveon Sitting TOMY JP (Hang tag has minor bending) $17

Eevee Collection PC 2015 Tin $33

Eevee Pokemon Center Small Tin $30

Deoxys MIB $10
Rayquaza MIB $40

Others not available

Pokemon Center Otasuke Helping Pikachu Figures Full Set of 6 (not splitting) $55

TOMY Large Figure Lucario (about 7" tall) $20

Pikachu/Victini B/W Movie Clear board $5

I LOVE Pikachu mascot $10

Mewtwo Kawaii Banpresto TTO $29

Mega Rayquaza Pokemon Center JP MWT $35

Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf PC Canvas set TTO $48 (not splitting)

Mime Jr. Pokedoll No hang tag - $15
Mewtwo MPC No hang tag $9
Minun Jakks No hang tag $3
Happiny No (Jakks?) $5
Wynaut UFO No (bootleg?) $14

Cubchoo Pokedoll JP $15

Victini $9, Dwebble $15

Pikachu set (not splitting) $20 (includes ichiban kuji plush, reversible pokeball gacha plush, trio keychains)

Glaceon UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $13
Roserade UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $23
Keldeo Resolute UFO MWT $20
Oshawott Banpresto MWT $6

Eevee I LOVE Eevee 2015 Zipper Pouch + Pass Case MWT $20

Purrloin Pokemon Center MWT $14 (TTO $11)

Flareon Pokedoll Mascot (box has small damage up at top) $14
Flareon Trump Motif TTO $14

Eevee Pokemon Center Die-cut Sleeping Pillow Cushion MWT $85

Sylveon PokePaire Blanket set unused $40

Eevee & Friends Atsumare! figures Full set of 10 figures (not splitting) $75

Infernape UFO 2007 (left) $15
Infernape UFO 2008 MWT (center) $16
Infernape UFO 2008 MWT (rightmost) $16

Charmander Lizardon Night Dekkai MWT (24cm tall) $15

Absol I LOVE Gothic MWT $30

$8: Bulbasaur+Ivysaur+Venusaur set
$6: Vulpix, Charmander, Turtwig, Nidoking, large Clefairy (plays Mezase Pokemon Master theme sound still works!), Hoothoot
$4: Middle section each
$3: Bottom section each

$3 each

Top row $3 each
Bottom row $1 each
SOLD: Dewgong, Starmie, Togepi

Ash+Misty $5
Pikachu+Pichu $3
Lock sets SOLD

Charmander Fuzzy TOMY $13

I LOVE Marine Blue Shellos MWT $17 (or paired with pink shellos for $25)

I LOVE Marine Manaphy MWT $16

Pikachu Super DX 11" Korotto Manmaru $10 no hangtag (left), $13 MWT (right)

Celebi Shiny Don to Dekkai Super DX UFO Banpresto $30

Diancie Super DX Banpresto MWT $19

Charmander Taffeta Banpresto $22

Bulbasaur Taffeta $19

TsumuTsumu Snorlax set (10 Snorlax figures + 8 berries rings) $20

Mewtwo PakiPaki posable $45

Pichu Talking Gizamimi TOMY (no batteries, can be shipped without box) $25

Super DX Pikachu Japan National Soccer Football UFO MWT - $45 each or both $80

Hoopa Banpresto UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $14

Zebstrika Banpresto $15

Red Genesect Giant UFO MWT $24

Rotom Cut Pokedoll JP TTO $20

Weavile I LOVE Gothic $14
Croagunk I LOVE Gothic MWT $13
Snivy PC $14
Pansear $10
Audino Pokedoll $15
Dialga 2008 Pokedoll $20
Regigigas Pokedoll $14

Meloetta Korotto Manmaru pair (not splitting) $22

Meloetta Recital Bag $10

Vaporeon Standing PC MWT $27
Umbreon Standing PC (hang tag has minor damage) $25

Munchlax TOMY $25

Old images:

Ho-Oh PC JP (Damage on wing) $24

Mewtwo Banpresto Big Size 1998 $24

Eeveelutions Zukan (complete) $30

Lucario Banpresto Pokken DXF Figure $25
ETA Arrival End of April
Comes with base + stand, 11cm tall (About 4.33 inch)
1. Louis Prince L. (fb)
2. Silvio Lattuada (fb)
3. Alyssa Kiefer (fb)
4. miss10

Mewtwo PC Pokedoll JP MWT (tag has one minor bend) $25

Snivy TOMY Talk Together Plush $25

Fennekin, Froakie, Chespin Banpresto TTO $32 set (not splitting) (extra Froakie, Fennekin available $12 each)

Scraggy Banpresto MWT $10

Turtwig Large TOMY $20
Piplup Large TOMY $15
Jirachi TOMY 1:1 $88

Helioptile UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $18

Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott Shiny Super DX Banpresto MWT $20 each

Tepig Korotto Manmaru $10

Pikachu 1998 Banpresto UFO 1 $19

Pikachu Ichiban Kuji 2014 Pecha Berry Plush $20 (2 sold, 1 available)

Pichu TOMY 1/1 MWT (tag has minor bending) $35

Darumaka Banpresto $4
Plusle Kawaii Movie Edition $19

These Pikachus are in loved condition:
Pikachu McD's (has some light stains) $5
Pikachu Taffeta (center) Banpresto $9
Pikachu no tush tag right $5

Pichu Pastel $15, Stunfisk $5

Axew UFO $12
Piplup Puppet $8
Mudkip Kawaii soft Banpresto $20
Snivy TOMY (loved condition) $5
Pichu Shiny Super DX (has some dirt) $5

Bulbasaur PC (Canvas) $22 SOLD
Pichu Banpresto MWT $7
Pokedolls (All JP): Audino $15, Mienfoo $15, Sawk MW (tag has minor wear) $17, Cinccino $15

Gengar I LOVE Gothic MWT $25

Meowth Pokemon Center Osaka Limited TTO $40

Leafeon Standing PC MWT $25
Glaceon Standing PC MWT $25
Flareon Standing PC MWT $25
Vaporeon Standing PC MWT $27
Umbreon Standing PC (hang tag has minor damage) $25

(These plush are in loved condition):
Wobbuffet Banpresto $15
Plusle PC JP Pokedoll $20
Chimchar Korotto Manmaru $12
Piplup Korotto Manmaru $6
Mime Jr. Korotto Manmaru $15

Fennekin plush trainpass MWT $24
Vulpix Pokemon Center Mascot $12
Eevee tail PC MWT $24
Slowpoke tail PC MWT $17
Treecko keychain MWT $7
Torchic keychain MWT $7
Leafeon PC Plastic charm $10
Leafeon Face Swing Strap Rubber Charm Tomy $6
Umbreon Face Swing Strap Rubber Charm Tomy $7

Red Genesect UFO $13
Purple Genesect MPC $7
Red Genesect MPC $7

Snivy/Tepig Pokemon Center New York $14 each (JP version Tepig $14)

Mudkip Kawaii Banpresto $19

Fennekin UFO Korotto Manmaru (hang tag was removed after pic) $14

Meloetta Korotto Manmaru pair (not splitting) $22

Froakie PC JP (Hang Tag has minor bending) $14 (no hangtag also available $11)
Froakie Pokedoll JP MWT $15

Froakie Super DX MWT $20

Weavile I LOVE Gothic $14
Snivy PC $14
Pansear $10
Audino Pokedoll $15
Dialga 2008 Pokedoll $20
Regigigas Pokedoll $14

Pokemon Meowth Plush Lot (6)
-Meowth Giant Play-by-Play
-Meowth Pillow Pal
-5 assorted Meowth
$70 shipped (USA only)

Pokemon Various Plush Lot (5)
-Electronic Battle Ready Pikachu (no batteries)
-Mario Koopa from Gamestop
-Chimchar (Bootleg?)
-Politoed (Bootleg but nice quality)
$50 shipped (USA only)

Rotom Cut Pokedoll JP TTO $20

Korotto Manmaru:
Croagunk $13
Bunnelby MWT $14
Tyrunt MWT $15
Mewtwo MWT $15
Keldeo MWT $14
Snivy MWT $10
Oshawott TTO $9
Axew MWT $10
Torchic MWT $15

Eevee Coin Pouch (plastic window on box is broken, pouch is unused. The tail is the zipper!) $10

Jolteon Ceramic Mug MIP $19

Eevee Collection PC 2012 Jolteon Melamine Tumbler Cup (unused) $15

Croagunk Banpresto I LOVE Gothic MWT $13

Piplup Giant Christmas MWT $80

Ho-Oh Super DX MWT $21

Raichu I LOVE Pikachu 5" MWT $15

Charizard Dekkai Banpresto LIZARDON NIGHT MWT 28cm tall $35

Dakitsuki Pikachu Pokemon Center MWT $22

Pancham Super DX $19

Fennekin Pokedoll JP $12
Delphox DX Pokedoll JP $22

Korotto Manmaru MWT: Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle $20 each

Eevee Super DX HQ Lying MWT $49

Mewtwo Banpresto Super DX MWT $24

Diancie Ichiban Kuji 2014 Plush $25

Flareon Sitting TOMY MWT JP $18 (JP no hang tag available $12)
Jolteon Sitting TOMY MWT JP $18
Flareon Pokedoll USA MWT $30 (JP no hang tag velboa also available $30)
Jolteon Pokedoll USA MWT $30
Flareon Korotto Manmaru UFO MWT $15
Jolteon Korotto Manmaru UFO MWT $15
Leafeon Korotto Manmaru UFO MWT $15

Minccino Super DX $10, TOMY $9, small plush $7

Keldeo mini Pokedoll $8

TOMY Versus figures
Mega Absol, Mega Charizard $7 each

Shaymin Sky small $5, Velcro attachment $15

Shaymin Sky $10

Giant Dedenne Banpresto $29 (The best part about this guy is the HUGE loose tail! So much fun to play with) (2 available, 1 sold)

Buneary Shiny DX (no tags) $25

Victini MWT $10 (no hangtag $8), Bowtie MWT $10, Oshawott bowtie $8

Pichu Bath Mitten/Glove $10

Aipom TOMY tush only $15
Ambipom Shiny Super DX MWT $20

Mewtwo Kawaii Banpresto TTO $28 (MWT $30)

Reshiram Ichiban Kuji BIG lottery figure $45 (more pics: 1 2)

Black Kyurem Overdrive Ichiban Kuji lottery figure $28
White Kyurem Overdrive Ichiban Kuji lottery figure $30 (actual pic later)

Darkrai $5 each
Lucario bell $13
Slowpoke diorama (missing back panel) $6
Mudkip, Plusle, Minun, Pichu Kyogre, bottom Pikachu $3 each
Other Pikachus, Treecko $1 each

$2.50 each

Reshiram Lot $20 (will split with offers)

Eeveelutions Pokedex Charms (not splitting)
Loose set of 8 $15, MIP $18 (only selling one or the other)

Fennekin Talking TOMY (talkbox has working batteries!) $44

Eevee Walky PC w/ charms $20
Eevee PC Standing JP TTO $10

Rayquaza ("ear" is mostly bent over) $13

Buneary Shiny Super DX w/ Flower MWT $40
Deoxys Ichiban Kuji small $18
Deoxys Ichiban Kuji Big $20

GIANT Shaymin Land Super DX MWT (1 available, 1 sold) $20

Shaymin Land Super DX Korotto Manmaru (hang tag is slightly bent) $14

Arceus Pokemon Center 2009 $27

Regigigas 2008 Minky TOMY 12" TTO $70

Dragonite 1997 Banpresto 6" UFO MWT $30

Pikachu McDonalds (talking function no longer works) $12

Deoxys 8-Figure Lot (not splitting) $15

Suicune stylus $15

Furret Fuzzy TOMY (has hang tag, some bending from old age) $75

Sylveon Korotto Manmaru Banpresto MWT $25

$3 each

$4 each

Chikorita TOMY New (tag has minor bending) $16

Erika Bookmark: $2
Koga Bookmark: $2
Emboar PVC: $2
Tepig PVC: $2
Leafeon keychain: $5 SOLD
Tepig Pokemon Center Sleeping Charm: $10
All others $1 each (Jigglypuff keychain, Pikachu bath salt figure, both Pokeballs sold)

Charizard Super DX with hangtag $75
Charizard TOMY Recall $40
(Both have stains, Super DX has one in an eye and the TOMY Recall has a couple in the back that could probably be cleaned off)

Raichu DX HQ MWT $40 ($35 one arm loosened)

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